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Mathematics, Wealth and Leadership: Why Mitt Romney Should be the Next President | Alan Charles Itzkoff


Every four years the lament from the politicians is always the same. They tell us that this is the most important vote of our lifetimes.  Of course, that only holds true till the next election when we are once again guaranteed that absolutely, positively, no doubt about it, this one is the most critical ever.  [...]

What’s at Stake Tomorrow | Jed Babbin


Tomorrow we go to the polls in the most important election of our lifetimes. If that seems an overstatement, the following should erase any doubt. RealClearPolitics has the race essentially tied, with Obama leading by a hair. My favorite political guru — Michael Barone — has predicted a mini-landslide for Romney. Whatever the result may [...]

Global Warming Did Not Cause Sandy | Robert Zubrin

Global warming

No one can prevent hurricanes, but prosperous communities are much better able to withstand them than poor ones. To see this, just compare the several-score deaths from Sandy to the thousands from Katrina, or the tens of thousands that perish when such storms hit Haiti or other impoverished countries. Prosperous communities are much better able [...]

Welcome, President Mitt Romney | Quin HiIlyer

Mitt Romney will be the next president of the United States. Paul Ryan, as vice president, will be breaking lots of 50-50 tie votes in the Senate. Bank on it. Here’s the big picture for the presidency: Romney will win the entire South, including “swing” states North Carolina, Florida and Virginia, plus all the usual [...]

The myth of auto bailout jobs | Andrew M. Grossman

With a policy agenda that has caused economic stagnation and massive job losses in the industrial Midwest, President Obama has made the auto bailout the centerpiece of his argument for re-election. He claims that it rescued the industry from collapse and saved a million jobs or more. There’s one problem: That story isn’t true. If [...]

Monday Morning | Peggy Noonan’s Blog

But to the election. Who knows what to make of the weighting of the polls and the assumptions as to who will vote? Who knows the depth and breadth of each party’s turnout efforts? Among the wisest words spoken this cycle were by John Dickerson of CBS News and Slate, who said, in a conversation [...]

Revered Pilot Comments on Dust Off Failures | Michael Yon

I have been reading a book about Dust Off MEDEVAC service in Vietnam.  The book is called Dead Men Flying.  I am only halfway through.  Excellent so far. The book is about Major General (ret.) Patrick Brady, who received the Medal of Honor for actions as a Dust Off pilot.  Patrick Brady is legendary in [...]

Never Having to Say You’re Sorry | Patrick Howley

The day before the Massachusetts Senate election, the polls still have it a dead heat. Neither Harvard Law School professor Elizabeth Warren or incumbent Republican Senator Scott Brown can justifiably claim at this point to holding a numerical advantage of any substance. The race will be decided tomorrow by the good people of Massachusetts, and [...]

A Time for Voters to Choose | Ross Douthat

OVER the 40 years preceding Barack Obama’s first term in office, under Republican and Democratic presidents alike, the federal government claimed, on average, about 18 percent of America’s gross domestic product in taxes every year and spent slightly under 21 percent. This equilibrium was always going to be threatened by the retirement of the baby [...]

Energy regulations’ dubious social benefits | Scott Beaulier and Dan Sutter

Though the U.S. economy has been slow to recover from the Great Recession, the nation has experienced a boom in new regulations, many of which have supposedly introduced large “social” benefits. Examples include the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Cross-State Air-Pollution Rule, recently rejected by the District of Columbia Court of Appeals, and Department of Energy [...]

Sophocles in Benghazi | Victor Davis Hanson

What separated the great Athenian tragedian Sophocles from dozens of his contemporaries — now mere names attached to fragments and quotations — were his unmatched characters, an Ajax, Antigone, or Oedipus whose proverbially fatal flaws ultimately led to their own self-destruction. The Libyan plot is Sophoclean to the core: the heroism of outnumbered Americans who [...]

The top three ways Hurricane Sandy confirms conservatism | The Daily Caller

Hurricane Sandy

For the past week, that clucking class of liberals that always seems to find itself on our television screens has hovered above the tragedy and chaos that Hurricane Sandy left in her wake, assigning points to the Dems, defeats to the GOP and validation from heaven for all its schemes and ideas. After all, we can’t [...]

The Democrats who predicted the 2012 campaign | Michael Gerson

Schoen Caddell

In November 2011, former Democratic pollsters — and current gadflies — Doug Schoen and Pat Caddell made a much-discussed argument in the pages of the Wall Street Journal. The miserable state of the economy, they claimed, restricted the options for President Obama’s reelection strategy. He could still win. “But the kind of campaign required for [...]

Leadership failure | John Podhoretz

Indeed, maintaining civilization at times of extreme risk to civilized conduct is the reason government exists in the first place — because we come together in societies in the first place in a mutual-defense pact against foes and forces that seek to do us ill. And it is this primary role in which it appears [...]

The Case for Mitt Romney | Rich Lowry

Mitt Romney does not naturally inspire adulation. In school, he should have been voted least likely to engender a cult of personality. It is almost surprising to hear crowds at his rallies chant his name. A President Romney would be utterly unburdened by messianic expectations. If he’s elected, the American public will have hired him [...]

Debra Messing dresses as Marie Antoinette for Bette Midler’s Halloween bash at Waldorf while many New Yorkers without power in aftermath of Hurricane Sandy | Andrea Peyser

Let them eat moldy pastry! Celebrity twit Debra Messing and various heartless other stars proved beyond doubt that some fabulous New Yorkers don’t have hearts beating in their cold, dead chests. Fires were barely snuffed out in Breezy Point. The dead were still being counted from here to Jersey. And the bodies of two tiny [...]

The global war on free speech | John Kampfner

Look back at the big events of the past decade and ask yourself: did we find out too much or too little of what the powerful did in our name? Did we know too much or too little about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? Did we enquire too much or too little about the [...]

Signs of America’s political change | George F. Will

What another lexicographer, Samuel Johnson, said of Milton’s “Paradise Lost,” can be said of this campaign: No one ever wished it longer. Voters, having heard enough, might agree that it is splendid that in “Hamlet” Polonius gets stabbed. He deserved this because his speech to Laertes taught politicians how to speak bromides. Tuesday night, as [...]

Mittmentum Builds | Hugh Hewitt

Michael Barone is America’s “one man decision desk,” with credibility on elections far beyond that of anyone else working the field in America today. Which is why Michael’s bold Washington Examiner column from yesterday cut through all the spin from Chicago and all the blather from MSNBC, and struck President Obama supporters in their gut. [...]

Choosing the way out | J. T. Young

Deficits and anemic growth attest: America has never paid so much for so little return. Despite one set of facts, there are two different views of how we got here. The two campaigns in this presidential election have presented two different explanations of the past four years. If it sounds as if the candidates are [...]

A bad startup: Obama’s ‘Secretary of Business’ |

The only thing scarier than what President Obama plans to do without Republican help in his second term is what he plans to do with it. We already have a vague outline of what Obama will try to push through Congress if he wins re-election and the Democrats retake the House: Higher taxes on wage [...]

Benghazi cover-up par for the course for Team Obama | Ken Allard

Bottom line first: Ever since the Benghazi attack, President Obama and his advisers have lied through their teeth to avoid awakening the slumbering American electorate. They have been assisted throughout by a media establishment intent on supporting the president’s re-election while maintaining its usual charade of objectivity — the great oxymoron of our time. My [...]

Morning Jay: Why Romney Is Likely to Win | Jay Cost


In my opinion this is the best analysis of the polls and the election out there: When I started making election predictions eight years ago, I had a very different perspective than I do today. I knew relatively little about the history of presidential elections or the geography of American politics. I had a good [...]

The Real Choice | Ned Ryun

WE’RE COMING DOWN to the wire now for the 2012 elections, but if you think that this choice is between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, you haven’t been paying attention. Though this presidential campaign has been broadcast, written, Tweeted, and Facebooked about more than any other in history, it’s not about the personalities involved. Forget [...]