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Is Obama A Radical Muslim Sympathizer? | Alan Charles Itzkoff – the Conservative Top 10

Is Obama A Radical Muslim Sympathizer? | Alan Charles Itzkoff

Many people have accused Barack Hussein Obama of being a closet Muslim.  But, so far, there is no evidence to suggest that this is so.  The President claims that he is a Christian and a man should be taken at his word unless it can be proved otherwise.  That said, Obama may not be a Muslim, but his actions as President indicate that he is either a radical Muslim sympathizer or a useful idiot unknowingly in their service.

The evidence of this is clear…

As in his refusal to support the “Green” Revolution in Iran, thus, giving aid and succor to the radical Islamic Mullahs.  As in his support for the Muslim Brotherhood directly and indirectly in Egypt and his refusal to support Al Sissi and his government.   As in his support for the “rebels” in Libya who overthrew another secular government and which has directly and indirectly led to the rise to power of radical Muslims in that country.  As in standing by and doing nothing as Islamic radicals to took control in country after country.  As in doing nothing to stop the rise of ISIS  in Libya and Afghanistan and despite the fact that he is the one who caused the chaos to begin with.

As in his continued funding of the Palestinian Authority even after Hamas (Muslim Brotherhood) joined the government.  As in his tepid support of Israel during the missile attack and subsequent war in Gaza started by Hamas.  As in his continued funding of Hamas in Gaza even after their record of building tunnels and firing missiles was shown to be targeting civilians.  As in his betrayal of Israel at the UN legitimizing the territorial claims of the Hamas led Palestinian Authority.

As in his refusal to listen to his military advisers to put in enough soldiers in Afghanistan to defeat the radical Muslims known as the Taliban therefore guaranteeing failure of our mission there.  As in strengthening the resolve of the Taliban by broadcasting to the world when we would exit the country thereby guaranteeing our failure there.  As in doing nothing to bring to justice dead or alive the terrorists who killed our Ambassador and four Americans in Benghazi.  As in calling for the downfall of Assad and doing nothing to help the “moderate” forces in Syria until their only choice was to join radical Islamists like Al Qaeda and ISIS in order to survive the Syrian dictator.

As in totally ignoring the advice of the US military and withdrawing from Iraq virtually guaranteeing the failure of our mission there.  As in totally ignoring the calls from the Iraqi government to take out ISIS when they were at their most vulnerable just before the gates of Mosul.  As in then engaging in a totally feckless campaign against ISIS that everyone with half a brain knew from the beginning to be destined for failure.  As in creating rules of engagement against ISIS that guarantee that nothing can be done to threaten their power.

As in filling his administration with numerous officials with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.  As in forcing the intelligence services to remove the any mention of Islam in intelligence reports and training manuals dealing with terrorism.  As in actually ending the term “war on terror” and coining the phrase “Overseas Contingency Operations”.  As in creating a specious argument of moral equivalence by equating ISIS with Christian Crusades that happened many centuries ago.  As in refusing to designate the Fort Hood shootings as an act of terrorism and instead calling it, ridiculously, an act of “workplace violence”.   As in treating the attacks in San Bernadino and Orlando as excuses to promote domestic gun control rather than as a wakeup call to defeat radical Islamic terrorism. As in never being able to put the words Islam and Terror in the same sentence.

As in choosing to jail a man who insulted Mohammed with a video as preferable to calling an act of Islamic terrorism what it was.  As in saying virtually nothing in defense of the free speech of Pamela Gellar and her group and denouncing the perpetrators.  As in sending not a single high ranking official to Paris in support of France after the Charlie Hebdo massacre even as the rest of the world stood with France against Radical Islam.  As in claiming that the Jews killed in the Deli in Paris were victims of “a random act of violence” instead of calling it what it clearly was: a religiously motivated murder by Islamists.

As in continuing to bring in Muslim “refugees” even after the Paris attack taught us how truly dangerous that is.  As in recklessly emptying Guantanamo Bay of known terrorists so that they can return to the battlefield to fight us once again.  As in foolishly trading away five top radical Islamists in exchange for a traitor as part of the second worst negotiation in the history of the US.

And most importantly…

As in his negotiation of the most lopsidedly bad treaty ever in the history of US foreign policy.  As in giving  Iran $150 Billion to continue fund Hezbollah and Hamas, the ability to buy and sell weapons, the right to buy ballistic missile technology and a guaranteed path to a nuclear arsenal in ten years with further guarantees that we will help defend Iran if attacked.  As in receiving exchange only the promises of the mullahs who still chant death to America every chance they get.  As in making an agreement that endangered our ally Israel and every “moderate” Muslim nation in the Middle East.  As in  aiding and abetting the plans of the most radical Islamists in the world:  the Mullahs of Iran.

Virtually, every one of Barack Obama’s actions as President has empowered the radical Islamists and weakened the more “secular” movements in the Middle East.  Al Qaeda is stronger today than when he took office.  That is not in question.  ISIS is stronger today than when he took office.  Iran is stronger today than when he took office.   Either he is the dumbest, most incompetent and most feckless President in history or he is a radical Muslim sympathizer.  Given how effective  he was in combating and neutering the Republican party during his presidency, I can only conclude that he must be the latter.

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