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Ann Coulter | Mugged

5.0 out of 5 stars Incredibly Well Timed And Relevant October 1, 2012
By Francis W. Porretto

Ann Coulter’s thesis in “Mugged” is that racial demagoguery, not actual racism, is the malady that afflicts America, and that it’s the deliberate product of left-liberal political action. As usual, Coulter has assembled a compelling, well-referenced case for her thesis, including the impact of exactly such demagoguery on the 2008 presidential election. And as usual, the Left is going nuts over it, as indicated by the one-star reviews of her book by persons who’ve never read it and can’t make a single factual statement about it.

At the core, Coulter argues, it’s left-liberals’ exploitation of white Americans’ unease about race relations that really matters. Actual racial discrimination, except for the sort imposed upon us by legally mandated preferential treatment of blacks, is effectively gone from American life. But the “need” to “prove” one’s lack of racism (as impossible as that is when, according to the Left, we’re all talking in racial code words all the time) still motivates far too many of us to speak and act from unearned, undeserved guilt over things done long ago by persons long dead.

With the 2012 elections a bare five weeks away, “Mugged” could hardly be more relevant. The tragedy of the thing is that so few as-yet-undecided voters will read it before casting their ballo

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