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Dick Morris | Here Come the Black Helicopters!: UN Global Governance and the Loss of Freedom – the Conservative Top 10

Dick Morris | Here Come the Black Helicopters!: UN Global Governance and the Loss of Freedom

5.0 out of 5 stars Last Exit Before Permanent American Serfdom October 9, 2012
By James R. Holland TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINEā„¢ VOICE
This book represents Dick Morris and Eileen McGann’s last Pre-2012 Presidential Election book designed to save American Freedom. This is the co-author’s last warning before permanent American Slavery.

Barack Obama is steering the United States toward a Socialist Society and a New World order where that tower of useless babel, wisdom, good intentions and corruption called the United Nations will govern every nation on Earth with an iron fist and jack boots.

“They call it ‘Global Governance.’ We refer to it as the end of freedom. The homogenization of America. The day when the virtual black helicopters are metaphorically on the way.”

For those familiar with this husband and wife’s previous writings, this is kind of a short, 193-page summary of Barack Obama’s Presidency. This concise summery of how those policies continue to damage America and American Freedom is brought up-to-date with current events.

The book itself has ten major parts with titles such as “The Future of Our Country–and our Freedom–is in Grave Danger, UN Forces Gun Control on America, UN Sovereignty at Sea Treaty: A Third World Tax on America, The UN Tries to Regulate the Internet, Transfer of Wealth; The Rio+20 Treaty, UN Supremacy over Our Courts, Globalist Control of Space, Taxing the US Without Our Approval, (We all know how King George’s Taxes worked out), Agenda 21: Telling US How to Live, and Global Governance: Who Would Our Bedfellows Be?”

Each of those major parts as several subchapters with catchy titles such as “The Third World Can’t Wait to Steal the Money,” “Obama’s Ready to Sign” and “Rule of the Lilliputians:How Tiny Nations Outvote Us.”

Morris and McGann also point out how Hillary Clinton is a willing partner in this enslavement of the American Public. She is almost as big a acolyte of Saul Alinsky and his radical agenda as her boss. She wrote her thesis on him and his philosophy.

This a a much shorter and more concise laying out of the evidence against Obama and his secret future agenda. It truly proves that current political slogan “America Can’t Afford Four Years of Obama” is dead on. If we do vote to take the road to Serfdom, it will be the end of freedom and a permanent return of the truly Dark Ages.

Even if you have never read any of these co-author’s previous book do take time to read this short page-turner before you vote yourself, your children and grandchildren into slavery.

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