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Romney Will Win Pennsylvania | Paul Kengor – the Conservative Top 10

Romney Will Win Pennsylvania | Paul Kengor

“REAL Unemployment is 15 percent. FIRE OBAMA.”

So says a giant billboard along the Pennsylvania Turnpike heading north from Breezewood through Somerset.

As I drive a few miles more, there’s another billboard, this one with a guy with a gasoline nozzle in his ear. It declares, “Vote Change, Vote No-Obama.”

As I continue upward through this natural gas and coal country, I see more and more signs, erected in farmer’s fields, taped to cars. I pass a minivan with writing on the back windshield: “$4.00 per gallon gasoline? Are you kidding me?!”

As I go further through Western Pennsylvania, into the small towns north of Pittsburgh, I see Romney/Ryan signs absolutely everywhere, dwarfing the number of Obama/Biden signs — and far exceeding the depressing ratio of McCain vs. Obama signs four years ago. I even see Romney/Ryan signs placed next to empty chairs, evoking the Clint Eastwood image of our president. And where I don’t see a Romney/Ryan sign, I observe a “Preserve Freedom: Fire Obama” placard, or another that says “Are You Better Off Now Than Four Years Ago?”

What I’m trying to say is that I’m seeing in Pennsylvania a pro-Romney, pro-Republican, anti-Obama enthusiasm that is downright remarkable. And when I don’t see it, I hear about it. And it isn’t confined to western Pennsylvania, which is far more conservative than eastern Pennsylvania. A Romney rally at Bucks County over the weekend drew tens of thousands, with some projections over 30,000. Understand that eastern Pennsylvania is completely different from the western part of the state. It’s more like New Jersey, both in proximity and politics. Even there, however, Romney’s support is very strong.

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