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Re-elect and we’ll see how much worse it can be | Glenn Harlan Reynolds – the Conservative Top 10

Re-elect and we’ll see how much worse it can be | Glenn Harlan Reynolds

An amusing Tea Party billboard features President Obama saying “Things Could Be Worse. Re-Elect Me And I’ll Prove It!”

Well, it would be more amusing if it weren’t so obviously true. By any reasonable measure, Obama’s is a failed presidency. The stimulus failed to stimulate, with unemployment remaining vastly higher than administration economists predicted — even without the stimulus, much less with it. (An awful lot of the stimulus money also seemed to wind up in the hands of Obama cronies and contributors, too.) And after a brief downtick last month, the unemployment rate is back up in October.

Promises to rebuild our diplomacy from the allegedly-dumb days of the Bush administration have also gone unfulfilled. The “reset” with Russia was a failure, allowing Russia to counter U.S. interests across the globe. Obama’s support of the “Arab Spring” has backfired, with Sharia-fueled Islamist governments springing up all over.

In Libya, things are worse yet, with a deadly debacle in Benghazi that cost the lives of four diplomats, including our ambassador, and would have cost more except for two heroic CIA operatives who rescued as many as 24 people at the risk of — and, in the case of two, the cost of — their lives. This was followed by an administration cover-up — still unraveling as officials desperately try to keep the lid on until after the votes are counted — and an absurd, weeks-long effort to blame everything on an obscure YouTube filmmaker. Who, conveniently, is in jail on trumped up charges.


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