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Spite and revenge is the new hope and change | Edward Morrissey – the Conservative Top 10

Spite and revenge is the new hope and change | Edward Morrissey

It’s the kind of dumb statement that candidates make when they get tired. It’s the kind of lame utterance that campaigns dread when it’s their candidate who makes it, and exploit for all its worth when their opponent gives them a gift. All of the above happened on Friday, when a crowd at a rally for Barack Obama booed the mention of Mitt Romney. “No, no, no.  Don’t boo, vote,” Obama responded, quieting the crowd. “Voting’s the best revenge.”

It didn’t take Mitt Romney long to work that into his closing message of the campaign this weekend. “Did you see what President Obama said today?” Romney asked a crowd later that evening, setting up the slam dunk. “He asked his supporters to vote for ‘revenge.’ For ‘revenge.’ Instead, I ask the American people to vote for love of country.”

Within 24 hours, the Romney campaign had a television ad featuring the contrasting final messages playing in swing states. The Obama campaign didn’t have much room for rebuttal except to attack Romney for highlighting Obama’s remark. That didn’t have much effect, except to confuse Chris Matthews of MSNBC into thinking that it was Romney who called for revenge — and promptly declaring the argument racist.

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