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30 Reasons Republicans Lost The Election | RedState – the Conservative Top 10

30 Reasons Republicans Lost The Election | RedState

  1. They Allowed Democrats To Pick Their Nominee For Them. A succession of potential Republican nominees -– Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich –- were bright, attractive, and have compelling narratives. Instead, Republican voters (or, at least, enough of them) bought into this Democratic mantra that only a liberal stand-for-nothing Republican can win a presidential election.
  2. Having Nominated A Stand-For-Nothing, He Proceeded To Run To The Left.  That never works! In modern times (i.e.after the Lyndon Johnson era), five GOP nominees who have been PERCEIVED (rightly or wrongly) as “conservatives” all won the presidency. Four who were perceived, rightly, as being moderate (Ford, Bush ’92, Dole, and McCain) all lost. The only possible outlier was Bush ’88, who, frankly, was running for Reagan’s “third term.”
  3. The House GOP Should Have Used The September Continuing Resolution To Frame The Election.  The House Republicans, without help from anyone, could have refused to pass a continuing resolution for October 1 through March 31, unless it barred funds from being used to hire IRS agents to investigate, prosecute, and incarcerate people who filed to pay their ObamaCare premiums/fines. Had that been the case, all of October would have been spent debating Obama’s threat to shut down the government for the sole purpose of preserving the mandate.
  4. Instead, Paul Ryan Came Off The Campaign To Return To Washington For The Explicit Purpose Of Voting To Fund ObamaCare (And Other Obama Priorities).  This is similar to when John McCain suspended his campaign to come back to Washington and pass TARP.
  5. And, In Fact, The House GOP Has Dutifully Voted To Implement ObamaCare On One CR After Another, And Finally Fought The Debt Limit Increase, Kicking And Screaming, Only Because They Were Literally Forced To Do So.  (Not surprisingly, when they were forced to fight the debt limit, Obama’s positives went down 10 points, notwithstanding withering liberal media assertions that the GOP was bringing America to the precipice.
  6. And, Incidentally, Given That They Have Continued To Fund ObamaCare, It Didn’t Do Any Good For The House to Pass A Succession Of ObamaCare Repeals Where Boehner, Cantor, Or, And Ryan Immediately Went On TV To Explain That They Knew They Were Just Useless Exercises Which Weren’t Going Anywhere.  What was the point? That, if the GOP leadership didn’t denounce the prospects for their own initiatives, Chris Matthews would accuse them of being naïve? Well, who’s laughing now
  7. And, Yes, With ObamaCare The Most Potent Weapon In The Republicans’ Quiver, It Was A Mistake To Nominate The Guy Who Invented It.

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