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Waging A Scorched Earth Political War Over the Fiscal Cliff | Alan Charles Itzkoff – the Conservative Top 10

Waging A Scorched Earth Political War Over the Fiscal Cliff | Alan Charles Itzkoff

In a recent article in the Weekly Standard, Jeffrey H. Anderson outlines the new “conventional wisdom” now in vogue amongst the glitterati of the conservative beltway “elite”:

In poker, if you have a weak hand, you have two choices: fold or bluff. The problem for the Republican House is that this is like a crooked game of 7-card stud — most of the cards were dealt face-up, and a couple of the others are marked. In short, everybody can see that the GOP has a weak hand. Bluffing would be like trying a fake field goal when down 6 points with 3 seconds left in the game. Nobody would buy it. Obama, meanwhile, has a strong hand — as everyone can also see — and he’s not bluffing.

The reason why Obama has a strong hand is not because he just won a whopping 50.6 percent of the popular vote and 26 of the 50 states. No, he has a strong hand because what will happen on New Year’s Day if no deal is reached is that taxes will be hiked about $4 for every $1 in spending cuts. More specifically, every taxpaying American will see his or her taxes rise, while defense spending will be rather dramatically cut. Do you think Obama could live with that?…

So, my advice to House Republicans is to fold — or at least don’t raise the ante. Don’t push your luck, and don’t pick this moment of weakness as the time to seek a “grand bargain.” Make Obama own this. You don’t have to vote for raising taxes on the wealthy (they’ll be raised anyway); just vote to stop the tax hike on the middle class. If Obama’s tax hikes on the wealthy hurt the economy like you say they will, it’ll be crystal clear who’s to blame. Fold and wait for better cards on the next deal. (They can’t be much worse.) Nothing decided this time around will do much of anything to avoid our going over the real fiscal cliff anyway. Wait and risk your chips when the real drivers of our debt are actually at stake. That’s the smart, conservative play.

By all means read the whole sorry article.

The problem with Surrender Monkeys like Mr. Anderson and his boss Bill Kristol isn’t that, in the end,  Republicans won’t be forced to accept tax hikes on the rich.  Indeed, that might be the best deal the GOP can get out of Mr. Obama after so badly misplaying their deficit hand for the past two years.  On this, the defeatists may be right.  The problem is that while this may be what we settle for at the end of the day, publicly announcing surrender before negotiations even start is no way to wage the tactical fight.  The way to win the day is to win the PR battle by going from defense to offense using a two pronged strategy.

First, Paul Ryan should be tasked with finding specific spending cuts that will be more palatable to the public than the cuts that sequestration will wreak on the Defense department.  Once those cuts are found and publicized, Boehner should immediately force an up or down vote on these replacement cuts in the House.  This will set ups a situation where House Democrats must choose whether to vote for pork or national defense.  By forcing the Democrats to defend their favorite domestic goodies, the GOP will have a stronger hand in negotiations to avoid the cuts to our military that even Defense Secretary Panetta agrees would be devastating.

Secondly, we must employ what I like to call the “Instapundit” tax gambit.  Glenn Harlan Reynolds proposed this excellent idea in an article this past August.   This strategy is aimed at attacking the wealthy patrons of the Democratic party in a way that maximizes revenue without destroying job creators.  This new package of “revenue enhancements” should be designed to match the revenue gained from the rate hike increase that Obama wants.  They would consist of targeted tax increases that attack specific Democrat interest groups who are politically unpopular with the public.

For example, Republicans should call for an end to the deductibility of mortgage interest above $500,000.  The burden of paying this new tax would mostly fall on people who live in high cost “Blue” states and other wealthy swells who live in districts that voted overwhelmingly for Obama.  The next order of business would be to reinstate  the excess profits tax on the  Hollywood’s movie and entertainment industry.  Make the Democrats defend Kim Kardashian over local small business people.  Continue with the theme of excess profits taxes and go after another unpopular sector of American society: lawyers.  Tax contingency fees for legal judgments over $10 million and force Democrats to defend their rich lawyer allies. Finally, end the deductibility of local and state taxes so that the vast majority of Americans in lower tax states are not forced to subsidize the reckless and profligate spending of the “Blue” state politicians and public employee unions.  If they want to persist with bankrupting their states, that’s fine, but the rest of us don’t need to help fund it.

The Instapundit Gambit will purposely target the Democrats in their Blue State strongholds where it hurts.  A strategy such as this will allow the GOP to change the terms of the debate.  If, as Jefferey Anderson predicts, Republicans are going to be forced to accept tax increases, then change the nature of the dicussion.  Far better to talk about exactly which rich people should bear the burden of tax increases, than just fold your hand.   Would the public rather tax rich swells in their large homes, decadent Hollywood celebrities and moguls, ambulance chasing fat cat lawyers and wealthy residents of profligate states or the small businesses that create the jobs the public so desperately needs and desires?  That’s a political debate we can win while making Democrats squirm at the same time.

Once this two pronged approach passes the House, the GOP should then declare on each of the five Sunday news programs that they have successfully averted the fiscal cliff without adversely impacting job creators or the national defense.  They should publicly declare that having accomplished this and saved the country from another recession, they await the Democrat response.  Only then can negotiations begin in earnest so that the bi-partisan solution that the public desires can be forged.

The goal of Republicans should be to make Democrats come up with numbers of their own that can be scrutinized as partisanly as Democrats have skewered responsible Republican legislation.  At the very worst, forcing either the White House or the Senate to propose an actual package will provide plenty of ammunition to aid the GOP in waging the PR battle over the best package of “cuts” and tax hikes should be adopted to avoid the fiscal cliff.  That is the only way a true negotiation can take place.  If we just fold without forcing the Democrats to show their hand, they will win without being forced to pay a political price.

Rather than just surrendering, Boehner and House Republicans should start playing  hard ball with the Democrats force them to make some unpalatable political choices for a change.  Unless they fight using the same kinds of tactics that Democrats use so successfully, they will continue to get rolled in the larger war over the size of the debt and deficits. Until so called “conservatives” like Mr. Kristol and Mr. Anderson understand that playing real political poker means utilizing every tool and weapon at your disposal, spineless and unimaginative Republicans like John Boehner will continue to negotiate against themselves and fritter away the one issue that can lead to a Republican resurgence in 2014.


312 Responses to “Waging A Scorched Earth Political War Over the Fiscal Cliff | Alan Charles Itzkoff”

  1. This is a different sort of opinion that many people dont usually talk about. Usually when I find stuff like this I stumble it. This article probably wont do well with that crowd. Ill look around and find another article that may work.

  2. I had to refresh this page times to determine this page for some reason, however, the data here has been worth this wait.

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  4. Steve says:

    I would like to up the ante: Tell President Obama to choose any tax rate he would like on “the rich” with the caveat that the “job creators” be protected: All income earned on Schedule “C” (sole proprietors) and Schedule “E” (LLC’s and Subchapter “S”corps) be subject to a 50% reduction. Do the Democrats want to be against job creators?

  5. James Jones says:

    I’d love to read this, but the web page is set up to make the body text immune to enlargement via strl-+, so it’s stuck at an amazingly tiny size. I’ll have to take a look to see how you did it.

  6. fustian says:

    I like this. It’s hugely clever and can’t hurt anything.

    But everyone keeps assuming that the democrats will get blamed when their hypocrisy is exposed, or that a clever gambit like this has a chance of registering with the average citizen.

    How can this happen when the news is under the control the democrats?

    The current Depression was caused by the Clinton administration, a democratic congress, democrats in Wall Street and democrats at Fanny and Freddie. Yet somehow Bush gets the blame?

    Since elected Obama has been running the economy into the ground by doing the most incredibly dumb-headed, cretinous things and the blame goes to Bain Capital?

    Until we fix the problem of the media, facts don’t matter.

  7. Steve in MT says:

    Another proposal I had was to argue that raising the rates on job creators was a bad thing, but if Obama wanted to, let him do so with the agreement that if the unemployment rate hits 8.5% over the next year, then the Bush rates are reinstated and made permanent. A put up or shut up moment for “the one” to prove that raising taxes doesn’t kill jobs.

  8. PH says:

    I struggled to get past the point about winning the PR fight. Republicans–conservatives, whatever you want to call it–won’t. They can’t. It’s not possible with this media.

    I agree with fustian; the facts are plain as the nose on all our faces but people aren’t economically literate enough to understand what they see and the media runs narratives that are contrary to the facts.

    People have chosen to believe what they’re told rather than what they’ve experienced. Until something changes with the media not sure how we reverse that.

  9. Jr says:

    Great!! Everyone immediately forward this to the Democratic leadership in the House and Senate. And your own representatives.

  10. Paul A'Barge says:

    you’re like the guy with big balls and no hands.

  11. Mark Buehner says:

    All this hinges on the idea that there will be negotiations. There may well not be. Obama should be THRILLED to take us over the cliff- he blames the republicans, gets 4$ in tax for every 1$ in spending, mostly military… thats his budget anyway! Its fine to tough talk about how you’re gonna outfox Obama once you get in a room with him, but why would he bother even opening his mouth? He’s going to put a bottom line deal on the table and dare Republicans to reject it. And then what? You reject that deal and not only do you have all the bad things happen you are supposedly trying to prevent… BUT YOU GET BLAMED FOR IT. The point of that article is exactly that you need political capital to negotiate, and we have virtually none. The only reason Obama will even talk to the Boehner is because he needs a minimal figleaf that he is negotiating in good faith. Thats it. So go nuts- come up with grand ideas and vote for them all, by all means. But if you reject Obama and hold up your ideas as the alternative, WE WILL BE SEEN AS THE CAUSE OF THE RECESSION.

    We cant win with ideas right now, because the country voted and we lost. In stead we need the president to LOSE with his ideas, which the country endorsed. Give him what he wants. Sorry, its not macho. Quintus Fabius was lambasted for that too. But its what we have unless we want Hannibal to march right over us, ruin our country, and see US get blamed for it. Be wise, lets bide our time. The country endorsed bad policy, let the country see that indeed it is bad. Then the opportunities return. Right now all we have is the opportunity to take the blame for Obama’s failings. We can’t win this year but we can surely lose.

  12. DonM says:

    Keep in mind that the election was won by fraud. Look at a map by counties of where Obama won, and where Romney won. Romney won nearly the whole country. Obama won in a few counties where fraud was easy to perpetrate.

    Morale: It is the Democrats that are bluffing. It is they who have promised money the country doesn’t have, to people who do not deserve it.

    Math wins. Make them admit they lied. Make them admit that campaign donations to them are worthless. Make them admit that votes given to them in return for their promises are wasted.

  13. Tom Caso says:

    My suggestion for a tax increase is a tax on ASSETS (not income — we want people to be as productive as possible) in excess of $500 million or $1 billion. Apply this to individuals (not businesses) and define asset as any property that is not used to produce income (thus exempting factories, farm land, etc.). In addition to individuals, apply the tax to foundations, charities, and trusts. Why should we subsidize those institutions with favorable tax treatment while they sit on such wealth?

  14. Mitchell says:

    I like this a lot. It is doable and smart. We have guys like Boehner in charge of the Republicans who can actually do something about the state of things.

    Which means nothing useful will happen. This article assumes that Republicans in Congress and the House have principles and actually want to defend the productive class. So it’s wrong from the get-go on its basic assumption. The Republican leadership will surrender, and in the most pathetic and stupid way, and avoid the fiscal cliff. And the media will STILL paint them as the problem, and they will STILL let the media do it. And then, when that screws things up worse, the media will STILL portray the results as being their fault, and they will let the media do that, too.

    Hi! I’m an embarrassed Republican, and I’m in a circular firing squad :(

  15. tysmwest says:

    How about a true wealth Tax. what is your total net worth including all real property, homes, land, condos, boats, planes, liquid assets…stocks, bonds, cash, etc….anything over 20M pays a 20% wealth tax. Overseas holdings add a 5% surcharge tax…there you go Soros, Buffet, Gates. et al….pony up YOUR FAIR SHARE…oh and take your money overseas…become an immediate felon with total confiscation of all your family’s wealth..yep family…wife, kids, parents,
    Educations and Non Profit Tax…any institution with an endowment greater than 10M pays 10% of total value….harvard, yale…pay up…
    all such funds to go immediately to paying off the debt…and no new spending increases until the debt is paid off….

  16. Hmm…

    In other words you’d forever turn America into a Tribal nation where there is no equal treatment under law. It was what you feared from Obama. Now you want the GOP to embrace such a strategy.

    Never mind if you aren’t a liberal, but are in a traditionally liberal profession, there’s a “WAR” going on and a few eggs have to be cracked in the process.

    Is there special punishment for demographics that Libertarian Party voters trend towards? Apostates are usually singled out for special punishment beyond what mere opponents are.

    This makes the Secession petitions look sane by comparison.


  17. [...] if you really want to hit the rich, hit the ones that are your political opponents, right? Cia Waging A Scorched Earth Political War Over the Fiscal Cliff | Alan Charles Itzkoff – the Conservat…. This entry was posted in Politics, Taxes. Bookmark the permalink. ← Raising Taxes On The [...]

  18. Harun says:

    You forgot one more tax that should be raised.

    Remove the tax free status of municipal bonds.

    That’s John Kerry and trust-funders pay little in taxes while advocating higher taxes for everyone else.

  19. Harun says:

    Also, I have a feeling Obama will open no negotiations and put no specific plan on the table unless Boehnert comes out and says that has to happen.

    “The president must lead”

    Sort of statement,

    Otherwise the media will blame the GOP, while Obama does nothing and will claim he “tried but they obstructed.”

    The House GOP has to make sure their demand for Obama proposal is clear.

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  25. richard40 says:

    The Reynolds taxes, that target rich dems and blue states, is an excellent idea. It wont pass, but as an initial proposal it forces the dems to defend their own class of rich ploutocrats, and their class is much less sympathetic than ours. Its about time we expose this farce about only the repubs being the party of the rich. In addition to ending the deduction for state taxes, how about also ending the deduction for state and municipal bonds. Why should we subsidize blue states and cities excessive debt.

    I have another proposal to ensure the plan really is “balanced”. For whatever taxes are finally agreed on, propose a rider so they dont take effect until we have an actual FY where spending is less than 20% of GDP. This exposes the dem tax now cut later (which is actually never) scam. The dems will reject that as well, but it puts them on record about not being serious on spending restraint, and wanting to spend all the new taxes.

    Also no backroom negociations between Boehner and Obama, where Obama can spin repubs as the villians. Insist each side publically propose a 10 yr budget, and the repubs pass theirs in the house, and the dems pass theirs in the senate. That way the dem irresponsibility is public, on paper, and harder to lie about.

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