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In the Face of Evil – Reagan’s War in Word and Deed

5.0 out of 5 stars “In the Face of Evil” DVD September 22, 2005
By Book Reviewer

Last year, my Russian friend Nikita had tears in his eyes when he begged me and others to watch this video. I was so startled by his reaction that I did so. As I watched it, I remembered an incident of nearly 25 years ago. The night Reagan was first elected President. I had been swimming in my health club pool when I heard the news and was so horrified that I momentarily thought to drown myself. Instead, I prayed desperately that God would rid my country of this ‘fool’. 25 years later, I am so glad God didn’t listen. Because of Reagan, I got to see Hungarians and Poles dancing in their liberated countries, I saw ecstatic Germans smashing the Berlin Wall as it fell. And I saw a spectacle I never thought I would see in my lifetime (or any one else’s), the hammer and sickle flag of Communism being lowered for the last time in Red Square. All because of a ‘fool’ I prayed God would get rid of.

“In the Face of Evil” tells how this all happened. Without hystrionics, without brutal political bias, it relates how Reagan saw what the rest of us didn’t – that the ‘emperor’ of Russia had no clothes of real power. And how Reagan had the courage to act on that vision. I had always thought he was the Great Communicator – now I understand why he is justly labeled the ‘Great Liberator’. And why my friend Nikita wept when he watched the tale of how this single man set so many millions free. Please watch it.

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