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The Blue State Leftist Cabal Throwing Tantrums To Cover Up For Their Failures | Alan Charles Itzkoff – the Conservative Top 10

The Blue State Leftist Cabal Throwing Tantrums To Cover Up For Their Failures | Alan Charles Itzkoff

Right to work is now the law in Michigan.  Kudos to Governor Snyder and the GOP Legislature!   The Blue State Leftist Cabal is not taking this setback very well.  However, they only have themselves to blame for this setback as Walter Russell Mead explains:

Besides the realities of declining union membership, this development more broadly suggests deep splits and ambivalence in American politics: At the national level, Democrats are running strong, but in many states something different is happening.

Michigan was long seen as a great example of the blue social model. The high wage, unionized automobile industry supported the state economy and promoted the development of a mass blue collar middle class. It was a great social achievement, and Americans were not wrong to love it, but it has been in gradual yet inexorable decline for more than a generation.

Today’s blue model liberals face a challenge. Can they find a path that actually restores states like Michigan and cities like Detroit to the kind of health they knew back when the blue model actually worked?

Rather than face the challenge like adults, the Left does the only thing it knows how to do when it doesn’t get it’s way: throw a tantrum.  Of course, when unions throw a hissy fit things get ugly quick.  Spurred on by their politicians who warn that “there will be blood”:

The union bullies went into action:

When journalist Steven Crowder tried to defend the folks still inside the tent from the angry mob, they attacked him:

Now we all know that if this had been a Tea Party rally all hell would have broken loose in the media-Matrix.  But when it comes to violence perpetrated by their allies, the left follows the Alinsky doctrine and goes into immediate attack mode to demonize the victim:

The PJ Tatler » Assault in Lansing: Leftist Blogs Go Into ‘False Flag’ Mode, Mainstream Media Goes Silent

Accuse the Accusers: @scrowder Gets the Left’s ‘Plate Glass Window’ Treatment : The Other McCain

Patterico’s Pontifications » Rewriting History on the Attack on Steven Crowder and the Relevance of Kimberlin/Rauhauser Tactics

After all, everyone who is “enlightened” knows that political violence is okay if it is for a good cause:
Thus, left wing loud mouths like Bob Beckel can just shrug it off as nothing:

So, as you can see, as far as the left is concerned violence is okay because of the violence that happened in the past.  Two wrongs do make a right.  Therefore, there is no need for the media-Matrix complex to bother covering it.  That exposing this violence might be an eye opening “red pill” moment for the public is an even better reason to pretend as if nothing happened.  So, while the disproven allegation of racial epithets from Tea Partiers was national news for days, actual violence perpetrated by union bullies didn’t even rate a mention from the propagandists posing as our News media:

Networks Skip Union Violence in MI, Insist Protesters Are Simply ‘Voicing Their Anger’

Bozell: It’s ‘Absolutely Outrageous’ That ABC, CBS, NBC Are ‘Censoring Footgage’ of Union Thug Violence in Lansing

Instead, the focus was on trashing and ridiculing the supporters of “right to work”

Only CBS AM Coverage of Michigan Is Stewart Mocking Term ‘Right to Work’

and inaccurate categorizations of what is actually at stake in Michigan:

Ever So ‘Helpful’ AP Tells Readers That ‘Right to Work’ Name ‘Is Misleading’

With all this help from his media buddies, the President felt no need to condemn the actions of his biggest supporters:

White House declines to condemn union violence in Michigan

Instead, Obama was recently in Michigan trying to claim that unionization and the “blue model” has been good for the state:

Obama: Look at Michigan to See How Unions Built America’s Middle Class


Only with the media-Matrix working overtime to hide the truth can he get away with these lies.  After all, if it were widely know how badly Democrats and unions have destroyed Michigan, people might actually wake up to the fact that the Blue Model is a failure and that Obamanomics is a dead end:

Only 7% of Detroit Public-School 8th Graders Proficient in Reading

Obama’s America Will Become Detroit

The left can’t let the the reality that is Michigan be known.  They can’t allow the public to see the violent temper tantrum that their union thugs are throwing in Lansing.  In short, they cannot permit the truth about what their policies have led to be known and widespread.  So, they silence it any way they can.  Whether it’s attacking the victim, ignoring the violence of their allies or spinning reality with shiny objects and misleading coverage the media-Matrix serves the aims of the left.  They will make sure that as far as they can help it, no red pills of reality will be allowed to be distributed among the populace.

But let it be known, it was the Democrats and their union allies that destroyed Michigan and Detroit.  The hissy fit that they’ve been throwing these past few days are the direct result of the failure of their politics.  They are just hoping that violence, thuggery and a Pravda media spinning lies for them will keep the American people asleep and their opposition cowed and intimidated.  Thankfully, the internet is still free from their control.  As long as that is the case, there is a chance America can be saved from the Crooks and Thieves and people will awake from the Matrix of unreality to the cold hard truth of what has been done to them.

There were many great articles today on the ‘net about the watershed event in Michigan.  Here are some of the best of them:

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