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Atlas Shrugged: Part One – the Conservative Top 10

Atlas Shrugged: Part One

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Adaptation . . .,October 15, 2011
This review is from: Atlas Shrugged: Part One (DVD)

This movie is Part 1 of three parts; and it covers the first part of the book.

The movie is well made – the quality is actually quite good. Acting was generally good to excellent. Camera work was good; although the low budget resulted in a missing camera angle here and there. Special effects were consistently well done.

The story, of course, is exceptional; and it is well-told in this movie.

Numbers I’ve seen indicate 80% of the audience (more than 12,000 people were polled) give this movie a thumbs up. And yet, only about 13% of professional movie critics gave this a thumbs up. By voting it down, the professional movie critics really got it wrong. Why? I don’t know . . . I am truly surprised that so many movie critics would allow their own political bias to influence their review – but I can find no objective reason for the critics’ poor grades.

Some people would say that those of the liberal persuasion would not enjoy this; as the message is counter to the socialist perspective. But regardless of the message, we are today living in the world of Atlas Shrugged; and thus, I urge you to watch this movie. If you are to open your mind to new and different ideas, then this is certainly a movie that will challenge you.

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