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Occupy Unmasked – the Conservative Top 10

Occupy Unmasked

5.0 out of 5 stars The real face of the revolution September 22, 2012
By sam jacobs
Format:DVD|Amazon Verified Purchase
Occupy Unmasked is a searing look at the reality behind the revolution that is trying to engulf the United States and all the industrial West. Based upon the narrative viewpoint of conservative superstar Andrew Breitbart the film is relentless in it’s drive for the truth. With stunning photography , incredible editing and quick cut interviews Occupy Unmasked is an in your face indictment of the institutional left .David Horowitz and Greg Gutfeld called Occupy Unmasked “the most powerful film ever made about the American Left .” I saw this film at a theater in Orange County and I couldn’t be more impressed . Having seen several films by the director Steve Bannon and Citizens United studio I think this is the best so far .

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