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Plan B Should Spell The End of the Reign of Crooks and Thieves Within The GOP | Alan Charles Itzkoff – the Conservative Top 10

Plan B Should Spell The End of the Reign of Crooks and Thieves Within The GOP | Alan Charles Itzkoff

The decision by a select group of brave House conservatives to make sure that the Republican party does not go on record as being the party that votes to raise taxes will go down as one of the better days in the history of the GOP.  Regardless of what the media-Matrix propagandizes, the reality isn’t that the GOP won’t accept increases in revenues.  It is that conservatives won’t accept them without meaningful spending cuts and as part of a tax reform that increases revenue without harming small business.  If your goal is to do what’s best for the country, that’s the only acceptable way to continue.  Unfortunately, since Barry and Harry would rather play politics and promote class warfare argument, no deal that comes from them is worth selling out the principles that the GOP stands for.

Jeffrey Lord says it well

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As  does Erick Erickson:

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And Avik Roy:

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The problem that the GOP has is that its leadership puts politics first and principles second.  That’s how John Boehner has found himself becoming the tax collector for Obama’s welfare state.  It would be one thing if by “compromising” and pursuing a grand bargain with the President, Boehner was helping the GOP win the PR battle or was somehow advancing the strategic cause, but he’s not.  The plain truth is that the last “compromise” is what led us to this moment in the first place.

Instead of either deciding to fight on principle and making the argument for reforming the tax code in exchange for higher revenues (a reasonable compromise most conservatives could live with) or realizing that the argument has been lost and fight a tactical war on which “rich” people are going to be targeted by pursuing the Instapundit gambit, Boehner has chosen not to fight either battle.  Since the Democrats with the aid of their media allies are a engaging in a scorched earth war against us, the GOP under this spineless leadership is getting its clock cleaned. There is no doubt about it.  Having no tactical or strategic plan, Boehner has squandered opportunity after opportunity.

It isn’t that Boehner is a bad man, it is that he is a politician who cares more about his personal PR and maintaining his own power than he does about why he and the GOP were elected in the first place.  Washington has made Boehner just another one of the Crooks and Thieves who will continue the nation down the path to ever more unsustainable government and eventual ruin.  Sadly, the rot also extends to the compromisers in the Beltway media:

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These beltway weenies don’t seem to understand that the present course of the GOP, the RINO GOP, the “reasonable” GOP will end in the destruction of the party and the rise of a third “conservative” party.  Republicans lost in 2006 because they spent like Democrats Lite.  Now we are expected to believe that the path back to power is to tax like Democrats Lite?  I am sorry, but I just don’t think that’s the answer.  The Republican party needs a new leader who can be trusted:

It’s all About Trust | RedState

Who can wage the tactical and strategic fight and have the rhetorical wherewithal to educate the low information voters of just how dire the country’s fiscal situation is and how pathetic the Democrats proposals are to fix it.   John Boehner is not that man:

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Leaders Are People With Followers : The Other McCain

Blog: Boehner and Cantor Must Go

Ronald Reagan used to say that he’d be willing to compromise principle to get 80% of what he wanted.  For the past two years John Boehner has negotiated with Barack Obama and gotten 20% of what conservatives want.  In the end, whether the country continues to spend money it doesn’t have up and until the point when we go over the real fiscal cliff is up to the GOP.  Clearly, the Democrats have no desire to put the brakes on spending and every indication is that they’d like to slam their foot on the gas.  Therefore, conservatives are all that stands in the way of the national bankruptcy coming soon to a theater near you.

We have a choice.  Either we can fight and at least go down with all our guns blazing, or we can continue to compromise and go down with a whimper.  Fighting smart and with principle we may just be able to pull out a victory.  Fighting the Boehner way will make us no better than the rest of the Crooks and Thieves in Washington who put us in this precarious place to begin with.  I say we stand for what we all believe in and live or die with the consequences.  In the end, one way or another, our consciences will be clean.  We tried to do the right thing by the country we love so much.


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