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The Can Kickers Rule Supreme | Alan Charles Itzkoff – the Conservative Top 10

The Can Kickers Rule Supreme | Alan Charles Itzkoff

Another day to digest the sugar coated Satan sandwich known as the fiscal cliff deal.  While I do stand by my earlier column that this may have been the best the Republicans can do and might even turn into a victory if newly re-elected Speaker Boehner can grow a spine and learn how to play political hard ball, the fact that this nation has once again been brought to the brink of crisis only to have the can kicked down the road for another two months is disheartening to say the least.

There is no question any longer that we are being led by the “evil” and the “stupid”.  Take your pick as to which is which and who is who.  At a time when the economy is still in the tank, millions are out of work and the country lurches ever closer to a slow motion fiscal train wreck, our leaders have decided to punt once again.  None of the nation’s ills have been solved and none of pain or progression of the disease ameliorated.

While I haven’t agreed much with George Will as of late, his column today pretty much crystallizes the aftertaste that is in my mouth from the aforementioned sugar coated Satan sandwich:

George Will: Our decadent democracy – The Washington Post

Not only have the Crooks and Thieves in Washington once again been found in dereliction of their duty to the American people, they have the nerve to use this as an occasion for more of their crony capitalist money-machine scams:

Tim Carney: How corporate tax credits got in the ‘cliff’ deal | Mobile Washington Examiner

Review & Outlook: Crony Capitalist Blowout –

And once again hook up their uber wealthy friends at the expense of the middle class and those who create the new wealth this country so desperately needs:

Da Tech Guy’s Blog » Blog Archive The Media & Democrats Flexible Definition of “The Rich” » Da Tech Guy’s Blog

At what point are enough of the people in this country going to wake up from the Matrix and realize that we cannot afford the government and benefits the Crooks and Theives in Washington have promised us?

So What’s Next, Mr. President? – David Harsanyi

PJ Media » U.S. Needs a 12-Step Program for Spending

Now some have rightly noted what most of us have known for some time.  Namely, that Barack Obama has no intention of ever cutting spending or negotiating in good faith.  Not now. Not ever.

Mr. President, the Fiscal Cliff Deal Was Not “the Right Thing to do For Our Country” – Donald Lambro

Fred Barnes: The President Who Wants It All –

And others have opined that his disregard for economic reality will come back to haunt him:

In Politics, It Is the Economy, Stupid – Emmett Tyrrell -

While still others lament that the GOP has lost its soul and sold out to the devil:

The American Spectator : The Barack Obama Participation Trophy

The American Spectator : The Triumph of Tax-and-Spend Liberalism

I still believe that with the right leadership and with the right messaging, there is still hope to turn the political argument in our favor.  If presented in the right way and fought with the right political strategy and tactics we can make this the high tide of Liberalism and slowly beat it back.

Unfortunately, today John Boehner was re-elected to be Speaker:

BREAKING: Boehner Re-Elected House Speaker – Guy Benson

And, while he says that he’s learned his lesson and won’t negotiate one on one with The One anymore:

Boehner’s Second Chance: No Compromise

My gut tells me that, with Boehner and the same GOP establishment that gave us the Romney debacle still running the show, that we are good and truly screwed.  I sincerely hope I am wrong about that.  Maybe, just maybe, the GOP will stop trying to kick Obama’s football and kick Obama instead.  Well…  I can dream can’t I?  It’s all I have left.



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