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It’s For The Children? Hogwash! | Alan Charles Itzkoff – the Conservative Top 10

It’s For The Children? Hogwash! | Alan Charles Itzkoff

Leave it to the Democrats and demogogues like Barack Obama to use children as props to promote their lifelong leftist fantasies of taking away guns from law abiding citizens.  In service to their agenda, they have absolutely no shame:

Doc Obama’s Traveling Medicine Show – By Kevin D. Williamson – The Corner – National Review Online

Opinion: An infantile spectacle – Rich Lowry –

It would have been one thing had the President used those innocent children to propose some serious solutions to incidents like Sandy Hook, but alas it was not to be:

Many of Obama’s proposals make no sense –

Obama’s Unserious Gun Proposals | Power Line

And some make a compelling argument that his Executive orders are an abuse of power:

Harsanyi: On guns, an abuse of power – conservative news

Be that as it may, this ridiculous “assault” weapons ban that Obama and the Democrats love so much is an utter fraud as the NY Post reveals:

Criminals still have access to big firepower under New York assault weapon ban –

And, while the President is to be applauded for recognizing the role of mental illness in these mass shootings:

Coulter: Guns don’t kill people, the mentally ill do – Conservative News

His proposals raise disturbing questions about how far the Government can go in abrogating the rights of citizens to not be involuntarily committed and in invading the sanctity of the Doctor/Patient privilege.  Obama gave too little attention to the role of psycho-tropic drugs and violence in the media and video games.  It seems that the President does not really want to have a conversation about what Sandy Hook says about our society:

‘Gun Culture’ — What About the ‘Fatherless Culture’? – Larry Elder

Williams: Are guns the problem? – Conservative News

No… Obama would rather talk about bans on Assault Weapons and high capacity magazines.  However, even his arguments and those of his supporters are specious: How to crush Democrats’ dumbest (but pervasive) gun control argument

And all their rhetoric about how many rounds does a hunter need to kill a deer shows that they are either ignorant of the Constitution or dismissive of it.  The right to bear arms has nothing to do with hunting and everything to do with preserving our unalienable rights:

Klavan On The Culture » What We Talk About When We Talk About Guns

NAPOLITANO: Shooting up the Constitution – Washington Times

Lefties don’t even seem to understand how and why our rights are so intertwined with each other.

Andrea Mitchell Argues Gov’t Can Infringe Upon Americans’ ‘Inalienable Rights’ — Hear Pro-Gun Advocate’s Epic Response | Video |

The War between the Amendments – Victor Davis Hanson – National Review Online

But, that shouldn’t come as a shock.  After all, why bother to understand the law when you are above it:

David Gregory and the Decline of the Rule of Law – By David French – The Corner – National Review Online

As long as your kids are safe inside Sidwell Friends or some other private school with security and you are protected by your own personal army with guns, why worry about what happens to those who don’t have that luxury.  Guns for them are good.  Guns for thee are not.

For that matter, why let the fact that gun control doesn’t work get in the way of pursuing your agenda?

Chicago murders top Afghanistan death toll

If that doesn’t say it all…


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