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Failing From Behind | Alan Charles Itzkoff – the Conservative Top 10

Failing From Behind | Alan Charles Itzkoff

Under Obama, US Foreign policy is in utter disarray.  Whether you want to believe that Obama is some kind of Muslim Manchurian candidate, wants to put our imperialistic nation back in its place or is just plain incompetent, it is hard to look at US policy in the Mid-East and North Africa and believe that it is working.  From firing military leaders who dare to ask questions:

White House Forcing Out Celebrated Marine General – By Nathaniel Botwinick – The Corner – National Review Online

Obama Dumps a Smart, Independently Minded General | The Weekly Standard

To bollixing up the Arab Spring in North Africa to the delight of Al Qaeda:

Belmont Club » Zero Dark Shorty

Al Qaeda on the rise –

White House, Pentagon split on AQ in Mali? « Hot Air

To standing idly by while Syria goes up in flames and the Assad regime uses chemical weapons:

The Nonexistent Red Line | The Weekly Standard

To destroying our relationship with our only real ally in the region:

Obama’s Anti-Zionism – Daniel Pipes

Spengler » Israel’s Choices and America’s Failure

When Hillary Clinton testifies next week, some tough questions need to be asked as to exactly who orchestrated this failure and why:

GAFFNEY: Hillary Clinton’s legacy – Washington Times

The only positive thing one can think of is that there are only four years worth of American impotence and ineptitude to go.


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