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At The End Of The Day | Alan Charles Itzkoff – the Conservative Top 10

At The End Of The Day | Alan Charles Itzkoff

During President Obama’s coronation ceremony, Paul Ryan was booed by the spectators.  Classy move, eh?  Turns out that a DOJ Civil Rights division lawyer claims he led the crowd:

About that DOJ Lawyer Who Booed Paul Ryan – By Hans A. von Spakovsky – The Corner – National Review Online

I say Ryan should think about a little payback:

Rule of Law » Chairman Paul Ryan, Meet DOJ Lawyer Daniel Freeman

But of course, demonizing their enemies is just what the left does. Paul Ryan is a rising GOP star.  Therefore he’s evil and should be booed.  The Republicans have an intelligent, attractive and articulate female Congresswoman who attacks their left-wing support of jihadists?  Attack her:

Caroline Glick :: The Left’s new campaign to destroy a friend of Israel’s

Well, at least Bachmann isn’t one of these Five most detested companies:

5 most hated companies in America – Business on

Or even the European Union:

Cameron promises Britain more freedom from European Union – The Washington Post

At the end of the day, maybe there is hope after all.  ;-)





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