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Another Fine Mess The Democrats Have Gotten Us Into | Alan Charles Itzkoff – the Conservative Top 10

Another Fine Mess The Democrats Have Gotten Us Into | Alan Charles Itzkoff

So, let me get this straight…  Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton involved the US in a war against Qaddafi’s Libya to prevent the massacre of thousands in Benghazi.  To accomplish this, we ended up arming a bunch of Jihadists.   At the same time, we have not gotten directly involved in the Syrian civil war because?  Maybe Barry and Company don’t believe 60,000 dead Syrians are more important than 30,000 dead Libyans?  Perhaps, but it seems to me that the only real difference between Syrians and Libyans is that one country has oil and the other does not.  Are you telling me that the same people who screamed about no blood for oil in Iraq are the same ones who promoted blood for oil in Libya?  Is there any other logical explanation?

Hypocrisy aside, the only consistent policies of the Obama administration during the “Arab Winter”  is that we have “led from behind” and armed Jihadists in both Syria and Libya.  How’s that hope and change been working out?   Not so good in Syria actually:

Rubin Reports » Won’t Syria Be Obama’s Main Middle East Crisis in 2013?

But, at least Assad will fall and the world be rid of another mass murdering dictator?  Uh… Not so fast:

France: Actually Assad isn’t collapsing

Well, perhaps Obama and Clinton have learned their lessons and have taken responsibility for their mistakes in the region.   Maybe we have learned something from the attack on our people in Benghazi.  Nope.  Not even a little bit:

Hillary Clinton’s Dodgy Testimony – Jonah Goldberg – National Review Online

Unfortunately, all the Democrats seemed to have learned from their foreign policy bungles is how to use their acting skills to hoodwink the American people, avoid accountability and survive tough congressional oversight:

Caution: These Politicians May Not Be Human – John Ransom

In fact, things are so corrupt on the Democrat side of the aisle, that the new Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations committee is slated to be none other than underage prostitute loving Senator Menendez:

Menendez prostitution allegations get a little more strange « Hot Air

Surely, there is nooooo possibility of blackmail being used against the good Senator.  Oh, none at all.  We can trust him with the nation’s most vital secrets.  Not!

For all the bad news, at least Bibi Netanyahu will remain in power in Israel:

The American Spectator : Inside the Israeli Elections

Would that America could have a President and a political party that had a clue about how to deal with the Muslim Brotherhood.



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