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Just NBC Yet Another Deceptive Edit | Ed Driscoll – the Conservative Top 10

Just NBC Yet Another Deceptive Edit | Ed Driscoll

If last weekend’s 60 Minutes campaign ad for Hillary wasn’t enough to convince every sentient being in America that we live in a left-wing media matrix, here’s more agenda driven news courtesy of MSDNC:

“Another day, another deceptively edited video from NBC News,” Jim Treacher quips.

As Allahpundit writes at Hot Air, “Here’s an example of a story not only being too good to check but being so good — potentially — that it warranted a little ‘help’ from the media to reach that full potential”:

 It has everything a fair-and-balanced gun-control advocate/reporter could want: An eminently sympathetic victim calmly making the case for more regulations while the ogres known as “gun-rights supporters” try to silence him by shouting him down. It’s a passion play, the supreme manifestation of what Obama was trying to achieve by having kids onstage when he signed his executive memoranda on gun control a few weeks ago. If you oppose new gun regs then you’re basically in favor of murdering children. Heckling the father of a boy killed in Newtown is simply the logical conclusion of that impulse.

Except that’s not what happened.

Check out the whole article and the amazing videos of agenda driven propaganda

Speaking of 60 Minutes and media bias, check out Brent Bozell’s piece today:

No ‘Playing Gotcha’ With Obama – Brent Bozell




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