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Why I’m Canceling My SI Subscription | Andrew Klavan – the Conservative Top 10

Why I’m Canceling My SI Subscription | Andrew Klavan

I am going to let my subscription to Sports Illustrated lapse when it runs out this year. I hope lots of other people will do the same. Like too many other publications, the magazine has become dishonest, dishonorable and even occasionally despicable in its conformist, lockstep left-wing bias. Republican politicians and conservative positions are routinely insulted in articles having nothing to do with either. Yawn-inducing left wing predictability is brought to the discussion of every issue. No SI writer is allowed to disagree with leftism ever. Despite its great photographs and occasionally good athlete profiles, the magazine has remade itself into crap in the name of political conformity.

For me, the Super Bowl issue with its smarmy and poorly reported article on religion in football was the last straw. The article was not an offense to God, it was an offense to journalism. Mark Oppenheimer, a left wing anti-religion writer for the left wing New York Times, among other left wing venues, does the left wing hit job on football players of faith. Not surprisingly, he is also the author of a hagiography of the Christian-bashing gay bully Dan Savage. (This blog has always supported gays and gay rights, but to my mind, Savage has no more place in serious debate than the Westboro Baptist gang.)

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Speaking of left wing twaddle getting in the way of our enjoyment of sports:

Bob Costas: ‘The Way Football Is Currently Played in the NFL Is Fundamentally Unsustainable’ | NewsBusters

The degree to which I despise Bob Costas cannot be underestimated.  At least he could have come up with something intelligent instead of regurgitating the conventional left wing wisdom:

The American Spectator : Take the Helmets Off

But that would require a bit more intellectual rigor than Costas seems capable of.

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