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We Are Being Ruled By A Corrupt Kleptocracy | Alan Charles Itzkoff – the Conservative Top 10

We Are Being Ruled By A Corrupt Kleptocracy | Alan Charles Itzkoff

One of the most disturbing things about the Age of Obama is his implementation of  a “Chicago Style” mode of governance to our country.  If you are one of his pals (Jeff Immelt, Warren Buffett, George Kaiser etc.), Obama takes good care of you and makes sure you get your share of the loot.  Even if you are the mastermind of the crime of the century, you get taken care of as long as you pay your “protection” money to the Obama campaign:

Corzine’s Crime of the Century – Bruce Bialosky – National Review Online

Not merely satisfied with extorting money from their crony capitalism schemes like Green Energy and other pay to play scams, Obama and the Democrats push for campaign disclosure laws to discourage corporations from funding the opposition party.  No one is to be allowed to object to their agenda without fear that Obama’s regulatory goons will target them or that they will lose their federal contracts.  Thus, the recent news that the new Organizing For Action PAC is soliciting protection money.. uh, I mean donations… from corporations comes as no surprise once you understand how the new system functions.  Hypocritical it may be, but it is fully in line with Chicago style pay to play politics.

Organizing for Action 501(c)4 wooing corporate donors | Washington Free Beacon

This is now how the Washington racket works.  After all, the fact that Senator Menendez gets off on having foreign relations with jailbait may get the headlines,

Anonymous prostitute recalls sex with Menendez at 16 | The Daily Caller

but the real news is how he used his influence to help his campaign and sexual enablers:

The American Spectator : The Menendez Dilemma

However, because Bob Menendez is a Democrat and a “team player”, it is almost certain he’ll not only skate from the consequences for his unethical behavior, but end up being the Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.  Such are the benefits of being a fully credentialed member of the elitist kleptocracy.  True Crooks and Thieves like Menendez and Corzine can steal billions and screw underage women all they want because they know they have total immunity.

But, what happens if you are not a member of the kleptocracy?  Worse, if you have the audacity to reveal that the Emperor has no clothes?  Why then in true Chicago fashion, there will be “consequences”:

Downgrade This! Standard and Poor’s Sued By US Government | RedState

Roger’s Rules » How do you spell “Retaliation”?

This is what passes for honest “governance” in the Age of Obama.   And where is the media in all this?  You’d think that the Menendez and Corzine stories with tales of corruption in the billions and juicy and salacious underage sexual shenanigans to grab headlines would incite a 24/7 feeding frenzy.  But, no.  The media is too busy carrying the Democrats water on gun control:

Study: ABC, CBS, NBC Slant 8 to 1 for Obama’s Gun Control Crusade | NewsBusters

Chicago politics now rules America.  You’d best pay if you want to play.  Or else!




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