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Cold Bloodedly Leading From Behind | Alan Charles Itzkoff – the Conservative Top 10

Cold Bloodedly Leading From Behind | Alan Charles Itzkoff

Over in the Top Ten Video section is an absolutely fabulous rant by Mark Levin which perfectly summarizes how damaging the testimony of Leon Panetta and General Dempsey was to President Obama and Hillary Clinton.   First, according to General Dempsey, it should have been very obvious given the available intelligence that an attack in Benghazi was likely:

Gen Dempsey: ‘It Should Have Been Crystal Clear’ That Attack On Benghazi Was ‘Imminent’

Yet, neither the White House, the NSC or the CIA did anything to prepare for it.  They simply ignored the intelligence.  That is pretty damning.  But that’s not the worst of it as far as the incompetency and cold blooded indifference of the Obama team is concerned.  It is now beyond doubt that they did nothing while our people died:

Former Special Forces Commander: DOD Could Have Flown Rescue Team From Tripoli to Benghazi; DOD: State Dept. Decided Whether and What to Fly | CNS News

There was virtually no communication between Barack Obama and his Secretary of Defense and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs:

Panetta and Joint Chiefs Chair: Obama Talked to Them Only Once on Night of Benghazi Attack | CNS News

There was no communication between the State Department and the CIA and the military:

Clinton and Panetta Never Talked During Benghazi Terror Attacks | CNS News

Today’s testimony makes it clear that they made no effort whatsoever to engage the military to help our brave diplomats and agents under fire.  Obama and his administration just left our people to die plain and simple:

On their own | Power Line

Maybe, just maybe, this damning evidence will open more eyes as to the reasons Obama told his lies about “the video” and how utterly unfeeling he is towards those serving under his command.   He obviously couldn’t be bothered to try and save their lives.  He had to get a good night’s sleep.  He had a campaign rally in Vegas to get to the next morning, don’t you know.  Perhaps these damning revelations will cause an outcry for a broader investigation into this tragedy:

The second-term curse

Personally, I am not holding my breath that this will actually happen.  The power of the left-wing media-Matrix to sweep this all under the rug is not to be underestimated.  However, the more we learn of Obama’s sorry record on foreign policy and the total incompetence and indifference shown during Benghazi, the better George W. Bush looks in retrospect, eh?

‘Zero Dark Thirty’ Threatens the ‘Bush-the-Incompetent’ Narrative – Larry Elder

Perhaps the Benghazi revelations will encourage many to dig deeper into the study of foreign policy and war as this highly recommended piece from Victor Davis Hanson does:

Works and Days » War’s Paradoxes II: From the Peloponnesian War to ‘Leading From Behind’

If that is the only positive that comes out of this for the nation, then it’s a start.





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