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Iran: The War Within and Without | Michael Ledeen – the Conservative Top 10

Iran: The War Within and Without | Michael Ledeen

A week ago, something went seriously wrong in the underground tunnels beneath the Iranian nuclear enrichment facility at Natanz.  I don’t know if it was an explosion, on-site sabotage, an accident, or a cyber attack, but eight people were killed, and several others are being treated for irradiation.  The tunnel leading to the damaged sector has been walled off.  And another disaster, several days earlier, took place at the heavy-water facility at Arak, whose existence has been public knowledge since the mid-nineties.

Along with the explosion in a gas line leading to a new, secret, nuclear facility in a mountain near Fordow, this makes three setbacks to the Iranian regime’s nuclear program.  Maybe their feng chui has gone negative in anticipation  of the oft-dreaded Year of the Serpent, but whatever the explanation–no doubt the supreme leader sees the omnipresent satanic activity of the Jews hard at work–things are not going swimmingly for the terror masters in Tehran.

And that’s not counting the ongoing crash of the currency, the inflation, the many strikes throughout the country, the Hobbesian war of all against all among the ruling class, dramatic signs of technical incompetence such as a new oil rig that sank unceremoniously beneath the waters of the Persian Gulf, and the mounting death toll of Iranian killers on the Syrian battlefields.

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