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The Absentee Commander in Chief | William Kristol and Peter Wehner – the Conservative Top 10

The Absentee Commander in Chief | William Kristol and Peter Wehner

As our Commander in Chief prepares to deliver the SOTU address, a little information on how is the State of His Handling of it:

Secretary Panetta said the president left operational details, including determination of what resources were available to help the Americans under siege, “up to us.” We also learned that President Obama did not communicate in any way with Mr. Panetta or Gen. Dempsey the rest of that evening or that night. Indeed, Mr. Panetta and Gen. Dempsey testified they had no further contact at all with anyone in the White House that evening—or, for that matter, with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

That’s not all we discovered. We now know that despite Gen. Dempsey having been informed of Ambassador Stevens’s repeated warnings about the rise of terrorist elements in Benghazi, no forces were put in place or made ready nearby to respond to possible trouble. It also seems that during the actual attacks in Benghazi, which the administration followed in real time and which lasted for some eight hours, not a single major military asset was deployed to help rescue Americans under assault.

And we learned one other thing: Messrs. Panetta and Dempsey both knew on the night of the assault that it was a terrorist attack. This didn’t prevent President Obama, Secretary Clinton and U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice from peddling a false version of events in the days and even weeks that followed, as the administration called the incident spontaneous, said there was no evidence of a coordinated terrorist attack and blamed the violence on an anti-Muslim video. So the White House, having failed to ensure that anything was done during the attack, went on to mislead the nation afterward.

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Barack Obama may not be the most “hands on” Commander ever and his administration has shown a total lack of competency in handling the death of our Ambassador, but his political operation continues to do a bang up job covering for them:

Obama’s Benghazi Success – Rich Lowry – National Review Online

If this were a sane world, the fecklessness and timidity of Barry-O’s leading from behind strategy wouldn’t be so dangerous.  But we don’t live in a perfect world:

North Korea Threatens More Nuclear Tests, Missile Firings | Washington Free Beacon

Completely rogue countries have nukes and Iran is closing in on joining the club.  Now, the Red Chinese and the NorKoms are hooking everyone up with ballistic missile technology

Missile Madness | Washington Free Beacon

And what is the response to this news from our own Dear Leader?  More and better missile defense?  No.  His answer is disarmament:

White House: North Korean Test Will Not Change SOTU –

The only good news to report today on the foreign relations front is that, if we can manage to survive the era of Obama, Islam will soon be in demographic decline:

Spengler » Fertility, Faith, and the Decline of Islam: Strategic Implications

But only if they don’t seize the Obama moment and make their move while he is busy taking away our guns and implementing Obamacare.


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