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A Speech Only A Low Information Voter Could Love | Alan Charles Itzkoff – the Conservative Top 10

A Speech Only A Low Information Voter Could Love | Alan Charles Itzkoff

A couple of years ago I told a left-wing German woman that my problem with Obama was that each and every day he finds a new way to insult my intelligence.  Needless to say, she walked off in a huff.  To hear what is supposedly the smartest man ever to be President assert things as fact that no logical person could believe, to hear him suggest ideas that have been tried for four years and have proven to be unmitigated failures and to watch him sniff that the only reason his brilliance has yet to improve our country’s situation is because somebody else screwed things up is to be reminded that the only way he can get away with this intellectual gibberish is that we have a nation full of low information voters lulled to sleep by a media-Matrix complex that is Orwellian in its shameless propagandizing.

In a speech that was supposedly about creating jobs and increasing economic growth, the President put forth the most anti-prosperity agenda of any President in history.  With jobs supposedly the number one priority, how can any rational person believe that raising the minimum wage is a good idea?  No, seriously… How the bleep can anyone actually believe that?  Apparently, enough low information voters do.  Thankfully, Ted Cruz knows better:

Sen. Cruz: Minimum Wage Hike Would Cost Jobs for Young People, Hispanics, African Americans | CNS News

If economic growth is your goal, how can it be that raising taxes yet again can possibly lead to greater prosperity?  As Marco Rubio once pointed out, I’ve never met a business owner that was just waiting for the next tax increase in order to hire more people.  How can robbing the private sector of even more investment capital serve to energize the entrepreneurial community which is the wellspring of most new jobs?

Missing in action: Obama’s entrepreneurship agenda

Yet, this economic lunacy is what our genius President proposes as a way for the US to be more economically vibrant and competitive once again in world markets?

Whatever one may think about the science behind global warming, no one with any knowledge of the subject believes that Hurricane Sandy or the recent drought were caused by man based CO2 emissions. Not even the President’s own scientists:

Obama’s Dubious Claim that Global Warming Caused Superstorm Sandy | The Weekly Standard

Yet, Dear Leader proposes to use this ridiculous premise as an excuse to tax or regulate carbon emissions with or without the consent of the governed.  How does raising everyone’s energy costs and increasing the cost of domestic manufacturing lead to greater international competitiveness and economic growth?  Tell, me.  I really want to know.   Green Jobs you say?  Show me one.  Show me how our investments in the Chevy Volt,, Tesla and Fisker, in Solyndra, in A123 and in LG Chem have created the green jobs utopia Barry promised us all.  It’s been four years already.  I don’t see even a smidgen of progress on the green jobs front.  I do know for a fact that raising everyone’s energy costs isn’t going to be good for the economy.  I know that the only country in the world that actually bought into the green jobs snake oil (Spain) is an economic basket case.  Yet, this is what this president proposes in a speech about creating middle class prosperity?  For real?

In a nation awash with oil because of new fracking techniques and American ingenuity, the president took credit for the oil boom that has taken place on private land, but proposed the continuation of the same restrictive policies on Federal lands that have stymied hundreds of billions of dollars in economic wealth creation:

Rebutting Obama’s BS about energy | Power Line

How can it be that it is better to buy hundreds of billions of dollars in oil from our sworn enemies in Sudan, Nigeria, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, etc. etc. than it is to drill for it on our own land or get it from our good friends the Canadians?  Do these countries have better environmental standards than we do?  Tell me, Mr. President, other than appeasing your green allies, how can standing in the way of trillions in wealth and jobs aplenty be good for the state of our union?  Tell me.  I am waiting for a coherent answer.

How is it, in a nation suffering from the ruinous inflationary and crowding out costs of deficit spending, that Dear Leader proposes yet even more spending?  Does anyone really believe that sinking more money down the public education black hole is going to have any better result than the billions he’s already sunk to no good end?   The same is true for infrastructure.  This is not China.  There are no sections of our country that are so unreachable and in dire need of new infrastructure that we achieve any economic benefit from paying union construction workers to stand around and drink coffee while one of their members putzes around with a jackhammer.  The return on that investment doesn’t even come close to equaling the cost of borrowing or printing that money.   Don’t believe me?  Even the head of the CBO says so:

CBO: If Debt Not Addressed, Stimulus Spending Will be a ‘Drag’ on Future Economic Growth | CNS News

Now, if the smartest man to ever give an SOTU can’t even think of one single program other than the military to cut in order to pay for his proposals for green jobs, new high schools, free pre-school for everyone, more teachers and every other liberal bucket list item then it is logical to assume the debt is going to continue to increase.

Sen. Sessions: Obama SOTU Proposals ‘Not Possible’ Without Increasing Deficit Spending | CNS News

Does anyone believe that this could possibly be helpful for current and future economic growth?

Obama Peddles a Dangerous Fantasy About the Nation’s Debt Crisis –

So let’s recap…  President Obama wants to take even more money out of the private sector by increasing taxes, wants to raise the cost of labor by increasing the minimum wage, wants to raise the cost of energy by imposing draconian regulations on fossil fuels, wants to borrow or print more money and increase the debt to pay for more dubious stimulus programs that have done nothing to stimulate and refuses to open up federal lands to oil production or even approve the Keystone pipeline.   Is there any rational person not drinking the kool-aid that actually believes that this is a recipe for economic growth?

They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.  I guess that means that the President is insane.  For the millions of Americans who agree with our Dear Leader, I can only hope that it is just because the media-Matrix has so dulled their faculties that they don’t know any better. In a speech full of illogic , half baked assumptions and hare brained ideas, the only thing I can really conclude is that we are being led by a crazy man and his band of sycophants and mind numbed robots.


For those who want to see how full of dubious assertions and outright lies the president’s SOTU was:

Snow jobs and fantasy debt relief: Fact-checking the SOTU « Hot Air

Fact Check: State of the Union 2013

Everyone on the left believes that Barack Obama is the smartest human being alive.  They think that Sarah Palin is a dumbass.  Yet, who actually makes more sense?


Because Top Ten reads through the internet to grab the best stories of the day so that you don’t have to… As a public service, here are the best columns about Obama’s vain attempt to come up with a coherent thought or policy agenda in last night’s speech:

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And, from Jennifer Rubin, a fitting epitaph for the cognitive dissonance that was last night’s SOTU:

Like his inaugural speech, Tuesday’s address has no bearing on the real legislative agenda nor on our economic situation. The debt is crushing the economy, yet the president spends with abandon. Growth remains anemic, yet he raises taxes and labor costs. We are flush with energy, yet he strangles the economy with uber-regulation. And we face a world of threats, yet he hollows out the military. It was a standard issue wish list, with little poetry or uplift, and even less smart policy.





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