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And Then There’s… | Alan Charles Itzkoff – the Conservative Top 10

And Then There’s… | Alan Charles Itzkoff

Over the weekend more information was revealed as to what a totally dishonest, corrupt and incompetent buffoon Barack Obama nominated to be his Secretary of Defense.  Yet, our Dear Leader refuses to withdraw the nomination of Chuck Hagel and insists that this is the best America can do:

No excuse to lift the filibuster

Meanwhile, the Iranians and the rest of the Muslim world lick their chops at the idea of having the most anti-Israel Secretary of Defense in history.  The communist Chinese are in the midst of ratcheting up the military pressure in Asia:

Game of Thrones: China’s Military Hawks Go On The Offensive | Via Meadia

And Obama thinks Chuck Hagel is the best qualified man to lead the downsizing of our military?   Really?

Worse, this is the guy that is supposed to oversee the withdrawal from Afghanistan?

The Afghan Endgame | The Weekly Standard

One would think that after four years of on the job training in being a Chief Executive, President Empty Suit would have learned a thing or two about making wise hiring decisions.   However, during those same four years, the smartest man to ever be President hasn’t even figured out any way other than raising taxes to pay for all the new “investments” that he so desires.  You’d think that figuring out a way to end Medicare fraud would be at the top of that list:

Medicare Fraud – Michelle Malkin – National Review Online

Until you realize that this kind of fraud is just another aspect of the Democrat corruption/extortion racket.  So, the President would rather continue telling us lies about how he cuts the deficit and that taxing rich people will pay for everything.   No new ideas or effective management of the Federal colossus need be applied. Everything that the Obmessiah desires can be achieved through magical smoke and mirrors.

The truth of this is shocking to many Americans when they somehow learn about the reality of Obama’s policies despite the best efforts of the media-Matrix to hide it.  But, then most of us Obama watchers learned a long time ago that dishonesty and deceit are the man’s main skills.  He uses distraction and a compliant media to turn the politics of any issue to his favor:

Roger L. Simon » Distractions — Defeating Obama with Aikido

It is high time that the GOP respond in kind and call Obama and his policies racist and destructive to the poorest among us as the evidence of his presidency clearly reveals.  Perhaps, a smart move would be to remind union members how the Democrats and their union bosses are totally screwing them over:

Unions Slump on Bad Obama Bet – John Ransom

Until and unless Republicans finally accept the fact of Obama’s incredible duplicity and learn how to confront it, they will get rolled over and over again on hot button issues like immigration:

Why is Obama threatening to release his own immigration plan? « Hot Air

Would Obama actually sabotage immigration reform for crass partisan purposes?  You can bet your bottom dollar on it.   What does Dear Leader care about the fate of millions of illegals when there is the chance to win back the House of Representatives.  Fortunately, Michael Barone thinks that is a long shot:

Will the House Go Democratic? – Michael Barone – National Review Online

Of course, Barone called the election for Romney.  That said, the brilliant Walter Russell Mead believes that the Democrats will sink or swim depending on whether Obamacare is a success or the massive failure many of us predict:

Key Democrats Turn on Obamacare | Via Meadia

That Democrats are beginning to have second thoughts must be troubling to the Anointed One:

Best of the Web Today: Critical Condition –

Seeing Democrats behaving like rats deserting a sinking ship, gives me hope on President’s day.  Certainly the man currently occupying the Oval Office does not.  I’d say he’s the worst of the lot.

Happy President’s Day!




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