Choosing the Red Pill
You Will Not Report The Existence Of Red Pills | Alan Charles Itzkoff – the Conservative Top 10

You Will Not Report The Existence Of Red Pills | Alan Charles Itzkoff

For those of you who don’t know, the reference to “red pills” in the title of this piece comes from the classic movie The Matrix.  This film should be required viewing for anyone who wants to understand how an empty suit with no resume first became leader of the free world and then, with one of the sorriest performances by any president in history, got reelected.

In The Matrix, the hero Neo knows that something is wrong with the world.  He is convinced that things are not what they seem.  At a pivotal moment, he is offered a choice of two pills which will determine his future.  Swallow the blue pill and forgo knowledge and clarity and continue to accept a world he knows is illusion.  Or, take the red pill and find out the truth even should it come as a rude awakening.  Neo chooses the red pill and makes the socking discovery that his world is actually a clever computer program created by “the machines” called the Matrix who use it to keep humans asleep and content so that they can use the energy of human thought to power their world.

Barack Obama and his leftist allies have created their very own Matrix.  With control of public education, the Universities, the popular culture and the news media, they have been able to weave a web of illusion that many low information voters believe is reality.  Everything is fine.  The economy is in recovery.  Debt and Deficits can be fixed by raising taxes on the rich.  There is no spending problem.  Free contraceptives are more important than the slow motion fiscal train wreck that is not actually happening.  Vote with your female parts!   Anyone who disagrees is a racist, sexist homophopbe!

The problem with creating a world of unreality is that the truth can be a particularly pesky nuisance because it threatens the believability of the illusion.  Therefore, anyone who refuses to accept the Obama/leftist propaganda and offer the public some red pills of truth must be silenced.  It is within this context that the hero of Watergate, Bob Woodward, made his recent and explosive accusations.

For the past two weeks, Woodward has been handing out red pills as if they were M &M’s.  First he had the audacity to say that Obama was lying (okay Woodward actually only said Obama was “mistaken”) when he claimed that Republicans came up with the idea for the Sequester.  In fact, Woodward pointed out, sequestration was an idea that came from the President’s own administration and one he offered as a solution to the debt crisis.

As you can imagine, this revelation of culpability did not sit well with President “I didn’t do it” and his allies.  To make matters worse for the campaign of lies and deception undertaken by Dear Leader and his followers, Woodward ratcheted up the truth telling by having the temerity to call Obama “Mad” for using the sequester in a way that caused great harm to US national security.  The Washington Post  reporter made it clear that the recall of the US aircraft carrier Harry S. Truman from its mission patrolling the waters of the Persian gulf and keeping an eye on Iran was totally unnecessary.  Woodward’s honest evaluation of how much flexibility the president has under sequestration made the president seem like he cared more about playing partisan political games than doing his job as Commander in Chief and keeping the country safe:

BOB WOODWARD: Obama Is Showing ‘A Kind Of Madness I Haven’t Seen In A Long Time’

As far as the organs of propaganda inside the Obama administration were concerned, it just wouldn’t do to have as respected a figure as Bob Woodward waking people up to the fact that their talking points on the sequester were all lies.  So, they threatened him.  At least that’s what Woodward believes, though he’s been walking that back a bit as of late.   However, there is no doubt that what Woodward has been saying about the sequester is true and, most importantly,  there is no doubt that the individual inside the Administration who “threatened Woodward would prefer that no one know that the Emperor has no clothes.

Taken in isolation, maybe this whole affair isn’t really a big deal given the weighty matters that confront the nation.  However, Bob Woodward is not the only veteran reporter to be pressured to report the illusion of the day from Dear Leader.  Respected left wing journalist Ron Fournier came out recently and said the same tactics had been used by the White House to get him to conform as well:

National Journal chief: A senior WH official got so belligerent with me, I had to drop him as a source « Hot Air

Even Lanny Davis has felt the heat:

Former Clinton aide: Obama WH threatened my paper, too

From this, it is clear that making sure that no one exposes the truth is essential to keeping he Matrix intact.  While experienced Washington veterans like Woodward, Davis and Fournier aren’t likely to be dissuaded from handing out red pills when a story is so important it trumps even their own liberal bias, younger DC reporters (known as the “juicebox” set) can be easily cowed.   The few of them that are willing to be more than stenographers for the propaganda of Dear Leader will find their access to the president and inside information severely diminished if not outright over if they refuse to toe the line.

Therefore, once their effort to intimidate Woodward failed, the Obama team felt the need to make sure that he and everyone in the juicebox set got the message that there would be a price to pay for daring to deviate from state propaganda:

PJ Media » WH Attacks Bob Woodward with … Ageism. Are These Dems Too Old for Obama, Too?

Yeah, that Bob Woodward is going senile, eh?  Right on cue, as if they were mere puppets being manipulated by the White House, the juicebox set has turned on the liberal icon for daring to even mention the existence of a red pill:

As Left ramps up campaign to discredit him, others proudly #StandWithWoodward | Twitchy

Such slavish obedience to the party line is one of the major reasons no one trusts the media to tell the truth anymore:

Only 6% Rate News Media As Very Trustworthy – Rasmussen Reports™

The dissonance between what people know must be true and what they are being told by mainstream media makes far too many people tune out of politics entirely.  When this happens, they become more and more ignorant about the facts and substance of the issues of the day.  Inevitably they become the low information voters that won Obama his reelection.  Obviously, this suits the creators of the Matrix just fine.  In fact, the Matrix can’t work without it.  The more ignorance there is, the better.  The more asleep the American public is to reality, the easier it is to make the case that the sequester is the coming of the apocalypse.

Now, while there is no doubt that this whole ridiculous Woodward farce is in many ways very amusing:

Vodkapundit » Pass the Tanning Butter Popcorn

What is actually very revealing about this incident is how thin is the veil of unreality that Obama’s minions try to spin that they feel they need to attack this liberal legend.  For, if the man who brought down Nixon must be silenced:

On the Woodward Affair – Guy Benson

and savaged with Chicago style politics:

Rule of Law » All the President’s Thugs

then Obama is admitting that his thin tissue of unreality is so fragile that no one can ever be allowed to disagree with Dear Leader in public again.   In order for the Matrix to survive, reporters must take the dictation they are given and disseminate that out to the masses.  News that matters:

Awaiting answer on drones | president, brennan, authority – Opinion – The Orange County Register

must never see the light of day.  There is no Matrix.  There are no red pills.  Everything is going just fine.   Go back to watching Michelle at the Oscars.



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