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Demonic: How the Liberal Mob Is Endangering America | Ann Coulter – the Conservative Top 10

Demonic: How the Liberal Mob Is Endangering America | Ann Coulter

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Treatise on Liberals Motivation! Should be required reading for any American History Course., June 10, 2011
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This review is from: Demonic: How the Liberal Mob Is Endangering America (Hardcover)
If she wasn’t so forthright, conservative, intelligent, wise, honest, patriotic, etc. she’d make a great political leader. As a right wing, Bible believing, patriotic American (yes liberals – I’m your worst nightmare) who always tries to seek the truth and wisdom of a situation or issue independently and will defend the truth no matter what others say (and begs forgiveness when he slips) I’ve always wondered how so many liberal and democrat pundits seem to be so passionate in defending positions that are so ridiculous as to defy even simple reasoning (i.e. – abortion, WMDs, Obamacare, spending, Rove did it, it’s Bush’s fault, , it’s the oil companies, it’s the insurance companies, it’s the rich, global warming, alternative energy, light bulbs, etc). After reading this book understanding the liberal mindset (or more appropriately mindlessset) kind of makes sense in a weird sort of way. They are just against anything that reasoning people are for(picture tea party folks – because I learned in this book you need an image to understand what I mean by “reasoning people”) – it has nothing to do with facts or logic or truth. It is useless to argue facts with them – they don’t care about facts or history or truth – they are like the spoiled child who wants his way, and will do whatever it takes to win – period!. The only chance of overcoming the groupthink (which actually involves no thinking at all) is to pray for them and to be prepared to give a logical defense of the truth should they pause, look back and decide not to follow the herd over the cliff/into the sea. Yes, satan does exist and exert demonic influence on men who are not equipped and prepared for his attacks aforehand) and this book shows how he is indeed the “prince of the air…waves”. The biblical picture of “Legion” entering the herd of swine who then stampeded into the sea to drown themselves is a great picture of the liberal mentality and what it ultimately leads to (I think God knew that story could one day help save America when He wrote it). A very well thought out, logical explanation of the current American condition – it’s a shame that most true liberals won’t read this (it’s very much like the Coulter? quote “If democrats were smart they would be republicans”, not to say that republicans are perfect – just a lot closer to being so)in that “If liberals cared about facts or logic or truth they would read this book”)…but God can still do miracles, the greatest of which have always been in the arena of changing of men (and women…again because a liberal might not recognize the generic sense of “men” being applicable to the human species in general and accuse me of being sexist…). Good job Ann Coulter! Never give up and keep on smiling! May God bless you as you defend truth! Ignore the liberals that will continue to bash you – just take it as a sign of encouragement (again, the image of a badge of honor) that you’re doing a good job (like most thinking American’s do!).

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