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As the organizer of the SFBay 912 Project and a member of the National 912 Advisory Board (google 912 Project Agenda 21), I was given an advanced copy of the book. For the past two years I have been educating people about the 25 year plan that is being developed in the SFBay Area called the One Bay Area Plan or Plan Bay Area. The Plan combines land use, transportation, and housing. It is being developed by unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats. This is top down, central planning. This is a real program, not fiction. This is AGENDA 21 masquerading under the terms Sustainable Communities Strategies, Smart Growth, Sustainable Development. There are similar plans all across the country. I appeared on The Blaze TV on November 19 to discuss our efforts to resist. I am a private citizen but a former USAF officer. I took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States and it is being trampled on and shredded by this type of planning. It is critical that average citizens start speaking up. Please educate yourself on this topic, get involved, join the resistance. Help restore America.

Below is my review:

“Agenda 21″, the book, takes the true implementation of the UN Agenda 21 policies to their logical extreme. Just a conspiracy theory some would say? No, aspects of it are being implemented now throughout the US under the names of sustainable development, Sustainable Communities Strategy and smart growth.. Our own Federal government through HUD, EPA, and DOT is pushing these policies.
As usual, California is on the bleeding edge of the sustainable development movement. Having passed AB32 (Cap &amp; Trade) and SB375 (Reduction of Green House Gasses), state and regional unelected bureaucrats are forcing communities to build high density housing near mass transit. The high density housing requirements come with the dictate that every city must have its’ “fair share” of housing for all income levels. The transportation policies imposed by sustainable development will make driving your car difficult and very expensive by reducing parking spaces and taxing people on vehicle miles traveled. Sustainable development.will not fund new roads or road repair. Instead, transportation dollars are diverted to inefficient mass transit. Sustainable development will restrict the use of private property through draconian land use policies. These “sustainable development” plans are forcing farmers and ranchers off their land by destroying dams and implementing restrictive water policies.
As I read this book, my thoughts returned to George Orwell’s book “1984″. I wondered how many people in 1949, the year of its’ publication, read the book and thought it was pure fiction? Yet here we are, over 60 years later in the era of Big Brother, Thought Control and Newspeak. Looking 60 years in to the future to 2072, what will the world be like. On our current trajectory of sustainable development policies, “Agenda 21″ vision of the future could become all too real. How do we stop this? Emmeline, the heroine of the story, asked someone from the older generation how this could have happened. The older woman replied that there were 4 types of people when the policies started:

1. The believers who supported everything.
2. The protesters, who spoke out at great risk but were silenced.
3. The quiet and watchful who kept their heads down and said nothing.
4. The passive unbelievers who did not try to act until it was too late

Becoming a type 2 person (THE PROTESTERS) is the key to stopping this. The 912 Project promotes the concept that “We Surround Them”, ie there are more of us than there are politicians and bureaucrats. We just have to get educated, organized and stand up in large enough numbers.

Wake up America. Agenda 21 is here and it is real. LOCAL is the key to stopping this. It is time to get involved in your local community and stop this. We need everyone to become type 2 people (THE PROTESTERS) who cannot be silenced because there will be too many of us. Let’s not let the fiction of Glenn Beck’s “Agenda 21″ become the reality of sustainable development in the United States of America.

**AGENDA 21 is a real program of the United Nations. However, it is being implemented at all levels of government using the terms SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITIES STRATEGIES, smart growth, and sustainable development. These are the terms that you will see in the local and regional plans.

For more information on how to fight this in your local community google 912 Project Agenda 21. If you are in the SFBay Area and would like to get more involved, please check out my website and sign up for my free email to get alerts on what is happening in the area google Bay Area Liberty

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