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How Woodward’s Truths and Sullivan’s Smears Expose Our Corrupt Media | John Nolte – the Conservative Top 10

How Woodward’s Truths and Sullivan’s Smears Expose Our Corrupt Media | John Nolte

In order for any constructive intellectual discussion to happen, we must first end the hypocrisy that makes our news media no more than the stenographers of the state. Until the narrative bias is eliminated and both sides given fair hearing, the American people will be denied the full information on which to decide which argument is the more valid.  The whole point behind the creation of a media-Matrix machine for leftist opinion is to prevent this kind of rational and informed dialogue from happening.

  When it comes to news, narrative is king.  When it comes to bias, who is deemed acceptable to represent each side is critical to shaping that narrative.  Thus, who is chosen to make up a panel of “experts” will tell you everything you need to know about what will be discussed and how.

For instance, CNN claims that they are balanced and objective.  If that is so, then how come if one of their analysts is an unrepentant and self admitted former communist that is a certified 9/11 truther, Mr. Van Jones is not balanced by a full bore tea party birther?  Better yet, since liberals mistakenly believe that those on the far right are Fascists, why not a former American Nazi party member who is also a Holocaust denier?  Sure, Van Jones is a slick eloquent man, but so was David Duke.   Neither should be given a major voice on a network that claims to stand for balance and objectivity.  Can’t we all agree on that? 

Apparently not:

What’s notable is that all of this is occurring in a media environment in whicg Eliot Spitzer is given two primetime cable news shows, Al Sharpton is an NBC News star, Dave Weigel has his own Slate blog, Ezra Klein’s (of journList fame) and Ben Smith’s stars are ever on the rise, Dan Rather is treated as an elder statesman, Brian Ross remains an ABC big shot, and the Internet’s number-one smear-merchant, Andrew Sullivan, is treated like the media’s favorite uncle.

For those of you who don’t know, Sullivan spent years manufacturing a vicious conspiracy around the parentage of Trig Palin, Governor Sarah Palin’s youngest son. Currently, Sullivan is spreading smears about Pope Benedict and the Catholic Cardinals. Neither of these smears is based on anything approaching a journalistic standard. And yet, the media not only helps to aggregate these partisan smear campaigns; they treat Sullivan with respect and deference.

Earlier this year, after Sullivan was dumped by the Daily Beast, everyone from the New York Times to Politico to NPR came to his rescue with the affection and attention needed to ensure his new venture would be a success. All this for a man who launched a nasty “birther” style conspiracy against a Down Syndrome child and his mother.

Can you imagine the same media doing anything close to the same for someone who put a tenth as much effort into questioning Obama’s birthplace or the parentage of one of Obama’s daughters?

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