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America’s New Theocracy | Jeffrey Lord – the Conservative Top 10

America’s New Theocracy | Jeffrey Lord

What is it about the left that makes them so arrogant when they seize power?  What kind of hubris do they have to believe that they know better than you how you should live your life?  Why the incessant need to control?  To Ban?  Until we expose this universal desire on the part of Statists to thirst after ever more power and control, they will stealthily steal away our rights:


Welcome to America’s New Theocracy.

Please take a pew while we kneel reverently and pray the Gospel of Banning.

Guns. Soda. Salt. SUVs. Trans Fats. Plastic bags.

Have I mentioned:

The Bible.
Rush Limbaugh.
Conservative talk radio.
Fox News.
Plastic bags.
Shark fin soup.
Paper Bags
The internal combustion engine.
Incandescent light bulbs.

And don’t forget the Foie Gras.

One could keep going, but suffice to say these things are on the short list of things liberals in America either have banned or seek to ban. All with a religious fervor that puts those celebrating yesterday’s selection of Pope Francis to shame.

And these liberals think the Puritans were up tight?

At a certain point… have we reached a certain point?

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