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The Obamas- Arrogant Aristocracy in America | Rusty Humphries – the Conservative Top 10

The Obamas- Arrogant Aristocracy in America | Rusty Humphries

When your lives are not centered on the spiritual….  When you think you are somehow smarter and “better” than everyone else…  When you believe you are entitled to talk one way and live another…  When your words don’t match your deeds…  Then you can call yourself an Obama:

Once upon a time, the common man could walk right up to the executive mansion and could just knock on the door. It was the people’s house. Sure, you didn’t always get an audience with the president; he’s a busy guy. However, there used to be an idea that though he was the leader of the country, he was a flesh-and-blood human like the rest of us.

Even the very regal George Washington (who never lived in the White House) strived to walk with and lead the common man and denounced royal treatment.

Now, we’re stuck with the biggest aristocrats since Louis the XVI and Marie Antoinette.

The Obamas love their perks. They get to jet-set around the world and take, seemingly, as many vacations as they want. While they may buy their own souvenirs, they bring along taxpayer-funded security details and utilize the best government-issued modes of travel that our money can buy.

They dine lavishly and love to wine and dine celebrities who subscribe to their leftist bent. They throw parties, but publicize that the entertainment is on them.

Oh, how gracious of them to pick up a fraction of the cost for their soirées.

Recently, in celebration of Her Majesty’s 50th birthday, the First Lady and her husband are throwing a lavish, celebrity-packed party with Adele and Beyonce as the entertainment.

But don’t worry- the travel arrangements will be on the Obamas.

The problem here is not that they’re having a party; the problem here is that while America’s economy is in the toilet from failed socialist ideas, we are constantly being lectured with the use of “we.”

“We” must sacrifice and whether this bad economy together. “We” must be patient- the economy is bouncing back, after all! However, throughout all this rhetoric, what we’re seeing is that “we” does not seem to include the Obamas. I don’t expect them to live in a shack, but can we ask that they golf less, ski less and throw a party with a nice bottle of wine, some close friends and a Beyonce CD?

Furthermore, it is all the more galling to hear from the patriarch of the Obama household that the root of all of our problems is that those evil “rich” (read: successful) people are hoarding all the wealth- as if someone is poor because another is wealthy.

We hear, “’The wealthy’ aren’t paying their fair share!” If the left is going to try and incite the masses with pitchforks against the evil, opulent oppressors, the mob should really look to the modern-day Versailles and it’s monarch for a demonstration of the arrogance of the “rich.”

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