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Trouble in the Nanny State | Ann Coulter – the Conservative Top 10

Trouble in the Nanny State | Ann Coulter

In honor of the new Pope and the start of CPAC, today’s Conservative Top Ten is devoted to examining the philosophical battles shaping our nation today in the hopes that an honest discussion of issues might lead to a better tomorrow.   Sadly, modern politics, particularly the tactics employed by the left, are designed to polarize people into factions.  Though, 70% of us could probably come to a compromise and make wise choices on the great decisions of the day, it is the job of the two parties to prevent that from happening.  Thus, the constant use of “wedge” issues by both sides like the “War on Women” for Democrats and Gay Marriage for both parties even though both are basically irrelevant to the great challenges before us.  

That isn’t to say that there isn’t a place for these issues in our national discussion.  However,they are given prominence far beyond their relevance as a means of dividing and distracting us from dealing with more important issues.  The same is said for the constant use of name-calling, epithets and accusations of malicious motives.  Because some people don’t agree with the president, doesn’t make them racist.  Because many people don’t believe in gay marriage, doesn’t make them either homophobes or evil.  Because someone believes in abortion doesn’t make them evil.

It would be nice if the parties could put their differences aside when it comes to things like the poverty and squalor that still exists in our nation.  Though we know without any doubt that the greatest cause of poverty, lawlessness and shattered lives is illegitimacy, the left refuses to honestly discuss the issue.  You would think that the overwhelming nature of the evidence would cause both sides to come up with solutions to the problem based upon their ideologies, but that is not the case.   One side chooses to live in utter denial of the irrefutable evidence and, thus, nothing is done and another generation of precious lives is lost. 

I could say that the left refuses to admit the reality of illegitimacy and societal and individual dysfucntion because it threatens the welfare/vote buying racket that they have created, but accusations like that don’t further the discussion regardless of how true they may be.  Instead, we must accept at face value their claim that they reject any public discussion of illegitimacy because it “stigmatizes” women.   Well, yes it does.  However, for an ideology that has no problems stigmatizing cigarette smokers because of the harm they are doing to themselves and society, how can it be that they cannot support the same type of pro-active moral persuasion to a problem that causes far more death, misery and ruined lives than tobacco ever has?

Ann Coulter has written one of her best columns ever on precisely this question:

Far from opposing stigmas, liberals are the main propagators of them — against cigarettes, guns, plastic bags, obesity, not recycling, Fox News, racist “code words,” not liking “Lincoln” and junk food.

The stigma against smoking has gone so swimmingly that you can’t enjoy a little tobacco pleasure 50 yards from another human being without some bossy woman marching over and accusing you of poisoning her.

California is currently running a series of “Reefer Madness”-style anti-smoking ads, including one that shows cigarette smoke going from a woman outside on her porch, up a story, through the door of another apartment, across the living room, down the hallway and into a room where a baby is sleeping. That would be the equivalent of the Bloomberg ads claiming teen pregnancy causes genocide.

And what exactly was the purpose of the Journal-News publishing the names and addresses of every legal gun owner in various counties in New York state a few months ago? To congratulate them? To start a hunting club?

No, I believe it was to stigmatize legal gun owners. The fact that we didn’t already know who they were proved that the problem isn’t legal gun ownership. All those legal guns — and no rash of drive-by shootings!

Los Angeles has banned plastic bags at supermarkets, even though reusable canvas bags are portable bacterial colonies. But a little ad campaign describing the downsides of teenage pregnancy — which is still subsidized — and liberals howl in protest.

One begins to suspect that liberals aren’t as interested in stopping teenagers from having illegitimate kids as they claim. Do they believe a teenager who gets pregnant out of wedlock is harming herself and her child as much a teenager who smokes? How about an unwed teen who smokes at a landfill?

It’s only a “shame-and-blame game” when liberals secretly approve of the behavior they pretend to oppose.

Unwed mothers have been the perennial excuse for big government, going back to Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, who plotted in the 1960s to create broken families, welfare dependency and urban riots to pave the way for socialist revolution.

That’s why single mothers are revered victims — victims in need of an ever-expanding social safety net, staffed with well-pensioned government workers. As described in that great book, “Guilty: Liberal ‘Victims’ and Their Assault on America,” liberals concoct fake victims in order to victimize the rest of us.

The only thing single mothers are “victims” of is their own choice to have sex with men they’re not married to. Liberals seem to believe that drinking soda is voluntary, but getting pregnant is more like catching the flu.

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