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On Branding and Self-Ghettoization | Ace of Spades – the Conservative Top 10

On Branding and Self-Ghettoization | Ace of Spades

Actually, I like that idea of a speaking circuit [of sending conservatives out to speak on college campuses]. And specifically of bloggers and “minor players.” Further, you need a group that is not directly linked to any of the Conservative players. Then, it’s not “The College Republicans Hosting [Whomever],” rather it’s “The Open Ideas Society* Hosting [Whomever].”

This is a hobbyhorse of mine. The left never brands itself as the Left or Liberal, does it? No, they brand themselves for everyone.

We need to start doing that. For example, we shouldn’t have an organization named “League of Conservative Women.” (There is no such league; this is a for-instance.) We should have a “League of Women,” period. Not just for “conservative women.” But for all women.

We tend to brand ourselves — and worse yet, we’ve internalized this to the point where we think of ourselves this way — as “the conservative alternative.

We need start branding ourselves as, and thinking of ourselves as, the Universal Default.

This is how leftists do it and they’re quite effective at it. On every cable TV show we see a debate between an “expert” and a “conservative.” The “expert” is actually liberal but he insists on not being branded as such, so he becomes just “the expert.”

Just in terms of the introductions, who’s winning that debate? The expert (nonpolitical and learned to such an extent as to be an “expert”) or the conservative (a guy coming on TV to sell you on an ideology, who, gee whiz, isn’t even an expert in the subject matter)?

Every decision point is a possible failure point. Every step in a seduction or a sale (pardon this analogy) which requires a yes or no response is a possible failure point in the process.

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