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Commerzbank, Eric Holder and Too-Big-to-Jail | Jonathan Weil – the Conservative Top 10

Commerzbank, Eric Holder and Too-Big-to-Jail | Jonathan Weil


The Republicans are the party of the rich and Wall Street?  Think again.  The real truth is about the kleptocracy that is the Democrat party:

Dennis Lerner, a former tax director at Commerzbank AG (CBK) in New York, isn’t too big to jail. But the bank he once worked for may well be, along with the other executives there who made his crimes possible.

Lerner, 60, pleaded guilty this week to public-corruption charges. Commerzbank hired him from the Internal Revenue Service in 2011 while he was an examiner responsible for negotiating a tax-fraud settlement with the bank, according to the criminal complaint that prosecutors filed in September. Commerzbank paid the IRS $210 million one day before offering Lerner the job, which he accepted immediately. The figure was 62 percent of the potential taxes due. Bank employees later told federal investigators it had been willing to pay much more money to settle the audit.

“We will not tolerate corrupt government employees and will prosecute and punish them to the full extent of the law,” Preet Bharara, the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, said in a March 12 news release. Notably, Bharara said nothing about prosecuting the people and companies that participate in corrupting them.

Why hasn’t the Justice Department charged Commerzbank or anyone else who worked there? That is a mystery, but perhaps only partly. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder last week told the Senate Judiciary Committee, in essence, that some financial institutions are indeed too big to prosecute, because of the damage to the U.S. and world economy that might ensue.

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Meanwhile, an entire state has just been fined for defrauding investors.  It isn’t any wonder that it is Barack Obama’s Illinois.  Yet, no one is going to jail?  Interesting.  If it were a business, not only would people be getting ready to be fitted into prison garb, but Senator Pocahontas would be on the case in front of as many tv cameras as she can find:

Where’s Warren? – By Kevin D. Williamson – Exchequer – National Review Online

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